Is DNA Testing Worth It for Identifying Kids’ Natural Aptitudes?

Fitness_FrontAngle_738x684_RGB_72There’s been a fundamental shift in the interest in DNA testing kits in the past few years. That shift has been from exclusively ancestry and ethnicity-based testing to more practically applicable kits. That class of DNA test kits covers virtually every feature of someone’s life. There’s a DNA test for fitness, for behavior, and for joint health. There are also DNA tests for metabolism, for vitamin absorption, for skin health, and for almost anything else that defines who we are and who we can be, mentally and physically.

That kind of specificity has raised some concerns about DNA testing being used to guide people toward or away from activities and even careers. Those concerns are, of course, amplified with kids. Perhaps the primary question those concerns raise is: Are DNA test kits worth it for identifying kids’ natural physical and cognitive aptitudes? The answer—with an understanding of how the results can be productively applied, and how they definitely shouldn’t be applied—is yes.

Educational and Cognitive Pursuits

Of all the possible natural aptitudes for an area of study or activity, or possible predisposition to being challenged by it, that can be indicated by DNA test kits, those related to education and cognitive pursuits can be the most controversial. However, if those tests aren’t being mistaken for blueprints describing a child’s only talents, abilities, or future path, they can be a great tool for identifying possible areas of talent.

A DNA test kit from an actionable, trusted genetic testing company, Orig3n, for instance, can provide helpful insights. Orig3n’s Child Development DNA Test can share what genetics suggest about a child’s possible predisposition for language and math ability, musical ability and the presence of perfect pitch, reading ability, and verbal/numerical reasoning. If a child is shown to have genes suggesting an innate aptitude for music pattern-recognition and analysis, music listening, and has the genes for perfect pitch, introducing a child to an instrument or suggesting they try joining a choir makes sense.

Nutrition and Diet

Sorting out the specifics of kids’ diets can be tough. Children can be finicky eaters, insisting they’re not hungry when you suspect they are, or insisting they are hungry after a big meal, when it’s hard to understand how they could be. At-home DNA testing can reveal some surprising insights regarding your kids’ eating habits. Those insights can not only mean the difference between trying, contentious dinner times and peaceful ones, but can also actively improve a child’s diet and nutrition.

For example, by testing the FTO genetic marker, Orig3n’s Child Development DNA Test can determine how likely (or unlikely) a child is to feel full after eating. It can also shine a light on possible reasons for finicky eating, which can sometimes have a specific cause. The ORIOA2 gene can reveal a natural aversion to cilantro, for example. Which means that cilantro-infused meal that everyone enjoyed so much can literally taste like eating soap to someone with a natural cilantro aversion. While the SLC2A2 gene may show that your child’s sweet tooth actually has a genetic underpinning.

About Orig3n

Orig3n is a wholly different kind of DNA testing company. The majority of DNA testing kits focus on ethnic, ancestral genetic history. Orig3n, however, specializes in practically useful and applicable information. Their DNA testing kits take advantage of leading-edge technological genetic advancements to extract that useful information from your genome. That, in turn, allows you to gain a practically applicable familiarity with both your mind and body, which can help you take steps to improve your health and wellness. Orig3n is also committed to pursuing revolutionary advances in regenerative science and medicine, doesn’t sell any of your data, owns their own lab, and is CLIA compliant. Learn more about your fitness, mind, health, and all of your potential today with fascinating, practical DNA tests from Orig3n.

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