Is Getting My Car Waxed Worth It?

For numerous car owners, getting a routine car wash is sufficient to keep their car looking excellent. Still, some individuals choose going above and beyond by purchasing car waxing as part of their vehicle’s maintenance.

Car wax, specifically if a professional uses, can increase the total expense of preserving a car throughout the year. Is it worth it?

Well, that’s what we’re going to check out in this post. To understand if car waxing deserves the cost, we’ll take a look at its primary purpose and advantages and other elements of car waxing that you may want to think about.

What Is the Purpose of Car Wax?

Suppose you approach an average person on the street and inquire what they think is the purpose of car waxing. The chances are high that they’ll state it’s so that your car looks shiny and beautiful. While that is among the benefits of car wax, the reality is that there’s a lot more to it than aesthetics.

Washing your car with regular car soap or shampoo assists get rid of any dirt on your car’s surface areas. However, car shampoo doesn’t do much to protect the paint from further staining or damage.

That’s where car waxing enters play.

Once all the dirt, oil, and other nasty things have been removed from the surface of your car paint, car wax can be applied to the car’s surfaces. The wax ends up being an additional layer between your car’s paint task and the environment surrounding it, rather like what a paint sealant might do.

Is Car Waxing Good or Bad for a Car?

Yes, waxing is suitable for your car. Here are a couple of important reasons car waxing is an outstanding financial investment to protect your car.

Car waxing does the following: Repels water and prevents water stains, Protects versus damage from the sun and hazardous UV rays, Some types of car wax protect versus scratches, Acts as a shield versus dirt, and keeps your car looking shiny and new.

Certain disadvantages included utilizing car wax. They include:

Price: Here’s one typical aspect that discourages lots of people from getting their cars waxed: the cost. Whether you do it yourself or take it to a professional detailer, car waxing does come at an added expense. That price can go even higher if you work with a professional who uses premium car waxing items.

Great deals of work: Even if you choose to do it yourself in the house, car waxing includes a lot of work. It’s not as simple as washing your car in your driveway. Initially, car wax should be reapplied consistently, requiring stripping off the previous layer before using a new one. It can be irritating if you’re DIY-ing it and costly if you’re working with a professional detailer.

Requires a little bit of homework: Before waxing your car, you need to make sure that the items used are indeed car wax. Some products use the term ‘wax’ despite the fact that they don’t always provide the advantages of appropriate car waxing.

How Long Does a Professional Car Wax Job Last?

A quality professional car waxing services task will last you for a minimum of 6 months. Over time, car wax will experience wear and tear from exposure to sunlight, rain, and other natural aspects. To protect your car’s surface, it’s necessary to reapply car wax before the previous layer wears entirely.

Still, it’s essential to note that the 6-month average timeframe will depend mainly on the professional you deal with and their items. Basically, a cheap car waxing job will not last as long, while a high-end car waxing may last even longer than six months.

How Often Should a Car Be Waxed?

There is no fixed response here, but we ‘d advise getting your car waxed every 3 months. We discussed previously that decent car waxing might last around 6 months. However, it would be sensible not to await the wax to break totally before lastly using a brand-new layer.

As the car wax wears thin, so do its protective properties. To continue taking pleasure in the benefits of having that car wax protect your car’s paint task, it’s constantly best to restore it well prior to it uses out.

Once again, your car waxing frequency will depend mainly on the quality you’re spending for. A professional car waxing service using high-end products will cost you a fair bit. Still, it’ll likewise let you opt for longer without redoing the wax.

Detailing vs DIY Car Waxing

So, should you take your car to a professional detailing provider, or can you wax it at home? That’s something that depends on your personal preference.

Professional Car Waxing
With professional car waxing services, you can rest assured that individuals doing the waxing have the required abilities, understanding, and experience. In addition, they have the right tools and personnels to quickly wax every inch of your car without missing out on a spot.

The downside here is apparent: working with professionals will cost you a lot more. But constantly keep in mind that you’re not paying for nothing. You’re getting plenty of worth through fast and proper car waxing in exchange for your cash.

DIY Car Waxing
Yes, you can do your car waxing all on your own. For example, you might most likely head to your closest grocery store or hardware store, get a bottle of budget-friendly car wax, and finish the job right in your driveway or garage.

You’ll save a lot of cash, but at what cost? Well, firstly, you’ll have to do all the work yourself. Waxing your entire vehicle from top to bottom and front to back is a labour of love. So, unless you’re exceptionally enthusiastic about your car (or conserving money), you might want to work with another person to do it for you.

The majority of less expensive, widely-available car-waxing items do not offer the exact same protection as high-end brands.

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