Is Google Replacing Duo With Meet? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Google is the most popular and biggest platform that is known for providing various excellent services to its users all across the world. Among all the services, there are two great video calling applications of Google that include Duo and Google Meet. Both of these services have millions of users, and they have always provided you with the best video calling experience. And now, according to the reports, there is information that Google is planning to replace its video calling platform called Duo with Meet. Yes, you heard that right. However, both of these video calling applications are quite popular among users. And in the past few months due to coronavirus, there is a massive increase in the use of these video calling tools as the offices were shut down and people were bound to work from home.

In the current scenario, these services have proved to be such a beneficial tool that helps people to maintain and enhance their productivity. But, there are various other video calling applications as well that are in direct competition with Google’s Duo and Meet. And one of them is Zoom that has recorded a large number of users, and it is also one of the biggest rivals of Google Meet. According to the words of the head of G Suite, there is no sense in having both the applications. And that is why the company has taken this significant step. Soon, Google Meet will be the only video calling service that will be made available to all the users for all the purposes. In the meantime, this whole merger process has given a code name called Duet (Duo + Meet). In the new video calling application, you will find various advanced features.

The company is planning to bring some of the key features of Google Duo in the new video calling application that will enhance your experience even more. Currently, we don’t have any specific information regarding the arrival of this transition. But, it is assumed that it might take one or two years. So, for now, you can peacefully use Duo if you are one of its users.

So, this was all about Google merging its video calling platforms into one. Please, let us know what you think about this transition. And with this, we promise to serve you with the latest updates. To have more information like this, stay tuned with us and check out our website.


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