Is Hair Transplant a Painful Procedure?

Nobody wishes to go through a painful procedure. That’s precisely why people fear getting a tattoo or going through surgery. People wonder whether hair transplantation is a painful procedure or not when it comes to painful procedures.

Before getting a hair transplant, patients ask relevant questions like the cost of hair transplant and the amount of pain it incurs. Patients usually ask whether it hurts or is bearable. Yes, you go through a surgical procedure, but it is not as scary as it seems.


Let’s answer your queries in this quick post. Keep reading to learn more about hair transplant in India and whether it is a painful procedure.


Is Hair Transplantation Procedure Painful?


Hair transplantation is not a painful procedure! You have got your answer, so it should clear the air. However, there is some form of discomfort. Even a minimally invasive procedure may cause some discomfort.


The surgeon uses numbing medication to soothe the area. So, the chances of feeling anything are next to nothing. You will feel discomfort once you get back home, but it also depends on the procedure you opt for.


Are you aware that there are different hair transplant procedures out there? You should know about the different kinds of hair transplant procedures.


Let’s highlight the three common hair transplantation procedures as you move forward.


The Three Forms of Hair Transplantation Procedures


You will find different hair transplantation procedures: FUE, FUT, and DHI.


FUE and FUT are similar, whereas DHI requires a specialized pen for transplantation. DHI is more advanced, and the healing time is quick compared to FUE and FUT.


Most patients have reported that DHI was a pleasant experience, and there was no scarring. Perhaps it is also about the method you choose.


Your surgeon will tell you about the side effects and the healing time before surgery.


What Happens After the Surgery?


Post-operative medication is given to the patients to deal with the pain. If you opt for DHI, there may be little to no pain.


Speak to the surgeon in case you feel more pain or discomfort. They will help you with medications, so ensure you do not miss the signs of pain and discomfort.


Several patients do not complain of pain after the surgery, but for some people, the pain could be psychological. You might feel some discomfort or pain psychologically because you undergo surgery.


Also, you should not expect quick results. There will be natural results, but it takes a few months to see them. So, hold on and wait for a full crop of hair. And make sure you choose a legit hair transplant surgeon who has successfully helped patients to get a full crop of hair.


Overall, it’s a safe procedure, and you must go for it. Weigh your options before choosing a surgeon.

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