Is it expensive to live in Sheffield accommodations as a student?

Although it is the fifth-largest city in the UK, Sheffield still has relatively low living expenses when compared to other student locations. In Sheffield, costs for lodging, transportation, meals, and entertainment are reasonable. Additionally, walking through the city is easy. Student tickets for the trams and buses also offer savings.

Keep your student ID with you to save money on food, entertainment, and shopping since most businesses provide discounts to students.

Did you know that the average monthly cost of living for students in Sheffield includes more than half the cost of their housing? 

Even though Sheffield has much lower student housing costs than other cities like London, where the weekly rent for a small student property or studio can be over £1000, your student house or student property rental in the city is undoubtedly likely to be your biggest single expense by a long shot.

We are aware that creating a budget for college/university students is comparable to attempting to climb Everest after taking a one-and-a-half-day crash course in climbing.  The Student Loan Allowance just seems to vanish into thin air, and before you know it, you’re struggling with mounting credit card debt. You’ve just landed in the deep end.

How to Lower Your Sheffield Student Living Costs

Obviously, you are off to a good start if you don’t drink or smoke because that slice will go. In school, vacation flights are obviously a bit out of the question, but if you can save a little money towards the end of the term, you won’t be left at home alone while your friends are away.

Using an energy switch line will lower your energy costs. It’s free to use, nearly always helps you save money, and if you can get by with taking a 3-minute shower rather than a long bath, you’ll use less water overall.

Affordable Student Housing in Sheffield

The majority of student housing is in Sheffield, so you are aware of the significance of selecting the ideal residence at the appropriate cost. Sheffield’s student housing costs about £350 on average per month, but there are several options available for significantly less.

You might choose one of the many reputable letting firms’ 5-bed properties. These houses are offered in various Sheffield neighbourhoods. You can also Student Accommodation Sheffield that is fully furnished and equipped for £340 per month. This option will save you money and help you stay within your transportation budget.

Students can also reside in an ever-popular Ecclesall Road student apartment with super-fast fiber-optic broadband for less than £100 per week, which is ideal for finishing the thesis on time, ordering takeout, or browsing a blog while only a few feet from their favourite stores. 

So, whether you’re looking for a quiet Sheffield student flat or a complete apartment with double bedrooms, permit-free street parking, and a huge common space, we have it here and it’s waiting for you.

Student discounts

Sheffield has a large student population because of its two universities, and a large student population means a lot of businesses that cater to students.

You can save money on everything with your student ID and NUS cards, including dining out, going to the gym, and watching movies.

Free activities

There are several free areas where you may unwind and catch up with friends, including 80 parks spread throughout the city and a handful of galleries.

And if you feel like leaving the city, visit the adjacent Peak District National Park for some breathtaking walks and scenic runs. You can reach the edge of the Peaks for nothing by using the three-mile walking and cycling route that runs from Hunter’s Bar up the Porter Valley.

There are several programmes which also offer free activities that you can participate in. Try out a brand-new workout, a creative course, or you volunteer with these programmes. It’s a fantastic opportunity to socialise and meet new people, and best of all, it is completely free.

Affordable lodging is available in the city centre

It’s a lot of fun and one of the finest ways to meet other students to live in resident halls. Here are a few advantages of living in resident halls:

  • You will find different properties with differing prices and amenities within walking distance from the universities.
  • Completely comprehensive invoices and have no additional fees.
  • A fast, simple, and flexible application process that doesn’t obligate you to take any available rooms.
  • Access to a range of support services from the university and residential halls.


Living in Sheffield accommodations as a student can be affordable and convenient. Vita Student Telephone House Sheffield and  LIV Student Sheffield offer competitively priced options without compromising on quality. With their modern amenities and prime locations, these residences provide a cost-effective and enjoyable living experience for students in Sheffield.

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