Is it possible to book multi city of Avianca by phone?

Booking an Avianca multi-city itinerary by phone can be a convenient option if you prefer personalized assistance or have specific requirements for your trip. Here are some key points and steps to help you book Avianca multi-city flights by phone:

Gather Information: Before making the call, gather all the necessary information for your multi-city itinerary. This includes the departure and arrival cities, travel dates, preferred flight times, and passenger details.

Find the Phone Number: Locate the appropriate phone number to contact Avianca’s customer service or reservations department. You can usually find the contact information on the Avianca website or on your booking confirmation.

Call Avianca Customer Service: Dial the Avianca Airlines phone number +1 (802) 341-3454 or +1800 -722-8222 and wait to be connected to an Avianca representative. Be prepared for potential hold times, especially during peak hours.

Provide Flight Details: Once connected to a representative, provide them with the necessary flight details for Avianca multi city itinerary. This includes the departure and arrival cities, travel dates, and any other relevant information.

Confirm Passenger Information: The Avianca Airlines customer service representative will ask for passenger details, such as names, passport information, and contact information. Ensure that you have this information readily available.

Specify Preferences: Communicate any specific preferences or requirements you have for your multi-city flights. This may include seat preferences, meal requests, or any other additional services you may need.

Review and Confirm: After providing all the required information, the Avianca representative will provide you with the available flight options for your multi-city itinerary. Take your time to review the details, including flight times, layovers, and fares.

Payment Information: Once you have selected your preferred flights, the representative will guide you through the payment process. Be ready to provide the necessary payment information, such as credit card details.

Confirm Booking: After completing the payment, the Avianca representative will confirm your booking and provide you with a booking reference number. Make sure to note down this number for future reference.

E-Ticket and Confirmation: The Avianca representative will email you the e-ticket and booking confirmation. Review the details carefully to ensure accuracy.

Booking Avianca multi city flights by phone offers the advantage of personalized assistance and the ability to address specific requirements or concerns. When searching for travel options, using the keyword “Avianca multi-city” can help you find itineraries that suit your needs.

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