Is it possible to fix under bite Without Surgery?

For the oral health of a person, it is important that the dental health is also perfect but it is not easy to achieve this. Amongst the several dental issues, the most common one is under bite that affects both adults and children. In this condition, the gums, lower teeth and jaw are affected and there are high chances that additional dental problems are also caused due to under bites. For this reason, it is important to look for the treatment as soon as possible. However, the fear of dental processes often makes people look for option in which underbite without Surgery is possible.

How under bite is treated?

In the present time, it is possible to fix under bite without surgery on account of the modern techniques available. It is important to meet the orthodontist and take consultation to know more about under bite Without Surgery process. Following are the treatments that the orthodontist might recommend to fix under bite without Surgery:


Teeth slenderizing and braces:

For the treatment of this problem, dental braces serve to be the most popular option available that is effective as well. For under bites that are mild, teeth slenderizing is often recommended. In this process, polishing is conducted between the lower teeth so that back movement of protruding teeth is possible in the space created. Metal braces are generally not tempting for most of the people and therefore they go for rubbery and transparent braces in this case. This is not just effective to get the desired results but it less noticeable as well that help the person stand among others with confidence.

Teeth removal and braces:

When the lower jaw is having teeth crowding or position of teeth is more forward compared to normal condition, extraction might be recommended by the orthodontist so that some space could be freed after removal of unwanted teeth. This help in lower teeth movement to the better and desired position. The teeth are managed properly along with their placement in jaw through this process. For additional betterment, teeth slenderizing might also be advised by the orthodontist.

Cosmetic treatments:

When the severity of under bite is not much, a cosmetic simple proves can also be used for fixing the problem. Lower teeth reshaping and extraction is generally included in this process with the help of veneers.

Foods to Avoid With Braces:

In the condition when braces are used for under bite treatment, it is important to take care of the eating habits for dental health. The Foods to Avoid with Braces are:

  • Crunchy food like ice, popcorn
  • Chewy food: hard rolls, bagels
  • Sticky food: gum, caramel
  • Sugary food: candy
  • Hard food: hand pretzels, nuts

After going through the list of food that should be avoided, you might look for What Can I Eat with Braces so here are the foods that could be taken with braces:

  • Dairy: milk-based products, pudding, soft cheese
  • Vegetables: steamed spinach, mashed potatoes, beans
  • Fruits: bananas, applesauce,fruit juice
  • Seafood: crab cakes, salmon, tuna
  • Grains: ricesoft cooked, pasta


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