Is It Possible To Get Fired For Having An Addiction?

Whatever you do for a living, it almost certainly involves some level of stress. That stress can increase substance usage, producing a vicious cycle in which drug and alcohol consumption causes problems at work, and employment causes you to want to consume and use more. Perhaps you’ve been skipping work to recover from a hangover, or your happy hour has spilled into the coffee cup you’re drinking during your Zoom call. You likely believe your addictive behavior is hidden and that your coworkers aren’t aware of it, but it’s likely not as hidden as you think. Is it possible to be fired for having a problem with drugs or alcohol? The answer isn’t as simple as it appears. Continue reading to find out more.

Addiction Is A Medical Condition

You cannot be dismissed from your work because you have an obsession in most situations. Addiction is a sickness that requires proper therapy and time to recover, just like any other condition. Consider the following scenario: Your supervisor wouldn’t dismiss someone who has leukemia, and in most situations, they can’t terminate you for having a substance misuse problem. They CAN terminate you, though, if your addiction is interfering with your career and you aren’t receiving treatment. Before it becomes too late, take the steps and get help for Substance Use Disorder Lexington Ky for your ailment.

Addiction is a hereditary trait, according to the illness model of addiction. Your genetics can increase the likelihood of developing an addiction when they are paired with stress, stress, and drug abuse. The truth is that your illness isn’t caused by a lack of self-control. With inpatient Substance Abuse Lexington Ky treatment and rehabilitation, you can conquer your addictions.

Addiction And Job Duties

You are not in your finest mentally or physically when you are suffering with substance misuse. Absenteeism and poor work performance might result from a worker’s addiction. Perhaps you’ve lost a huge deal at work because you’ve been preoccupied with drugs or booze. Maybe you’ve been high or intoxicated at work and had mishaps or “near misses” while handling machines. Even if your habit was the core cause, acts like these can be a reasonable basis for your employer to fire you.  obviously, your employer has the right to fire you if you don’t show up for duty because you’re on a bender. It is possible to avoid being laid off by obtaining treatment for Substance Abuse Lexington Ky in a residential setting. You might even save your own life.

Looking For Addiction Treatment At A Residential Facility?

Inpatient drug treatment programs usually run 30-90 days, providing you time away from your daily stresses to concentrate on yourself and find your way back to health. Our Masters-level clinicians adopt a trauma-informed strategy to treat your addictions and the mental health problems that are driving to it. In no time, you’ll be back to thriving at your job and in your personal life.

What Is The Best Way To Find Addiction Treatment?

If you work as a specialist, you may have access to tools such as an employee assistance program (EAP) which can help you obtain the addiction treatment you require. An EAP (Employee Assistance Program) is a free, confidential resource where you can get counseling and connections to addiction treatment. An EAP can also guide you through the proper procedure for taking a leave of absence.

Don’t just disappear from the workplace one day. You must inform your human resources representative or management that you require time off for therapy. If you don’t feel at ease sharing your substance addiction difficulties with your coworkers, you can have your EAP convey it for you. You can also get more advice on how to approach your HR department about taking a leave of absence or using an EAP.

Give us a call right now if you’re battling with addiction and are scared about losing your work. Don’t put off saving your job — and your life — any longer. Speak with our caring intake team, to begin your healing and renewing your life now.

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