Is It Really Necessary To Acquire Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has become a cornerstone of computers at home and at work for years. Almost everyone has used it to produce Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, or Spreadsheets at a certain point. Microsoft Office 365 is so popular that it will have 258 million paying customers by 2020. However, with annual packages beginning at £60, it isn’t inexpensive.

If you are an Office subscriber, it’s worth considering whether you actually need Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus before you extend your subscription. After nearly 30 years, there is finally a cheap program to Microsoft Office that is worth examining. Google offers a comparable set of applications and they’re all available for download right now for free!

What Services Does Microsoft Office Provide?

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus can be used in a variety of ways. The first is to purchase Office 365 subscriptions, which allows you to use the most recent complete editions of Word, Excel, Outlook and  PowerPoint on both your Computer and any tablets and smartphone you possess. Publisher and Access are also included, although they can only be used on a PC. You’ll also get 1TB of extra storage on Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service (everyone can get 5GB free). Office 365 Personal charges £59.99 each year for one person, whereas Office 365 Home charges £79.99 per year and allows for six distinct log-ins, making it a better price for families. You’ll get each major update including new tools and innovations as well as security upgrades and bug fixes, with both subscriptions.

The other alternative is to buy Microsoft Office 2019 Uk as a one-time payment for £119.99. You’ll get accessibility to Word, Powerpoint, and Excel on a single PC or Mac, however you won’t be able to utilize the program on a tablet or phone and you won’t have entry to additional online storage or upgrades.

What Are Microsoft Office’s Advantages?

There are numerous themes to select from. Microsoft Office includes a template for whatever type of document you’re working on. They’re very useful for preparing documents like CVs, brochures, and newsletters. Creating papers like this on Google, on the other hand, can be more difficult and you won’t have as much flexibility as you would with Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus.

You don’t have to be connected to the internet. One of the major drawbacks of utilizing Google’s free feature in your browser is that it is significantly reliant on an internet access. You won’t be able to access your documents or load services in your browser if you lose web connectivity unexpectedly. Google Docs can be utilized offline, but it’s a pain to set up and must be done ahead of time. With Microsoft Office, this won’t be an issue since everything is accessible both offline and online.

Microsoft Office 2019 Uk has a wider choice of programs. You get more than just Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and  Excel with your subscription service. In addition, you’ll have accessibility to Outlook for mail, Publisher for creating highly professional files, and Access software applications.

Microsoft Office 2019 Uk allows you to edit a wider range of file types. One of Google Docs’ major flaws is that it does not allow you to edit PDFs, but Microsoft Word does. This is especially significant for students and businesses that require complete control over a variety of file types.


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