Is it safe to buy silicone dolls online?

Silicone is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic and harmless chemical material. Many plastic surgery hospitals will use silicone fillers for breast enhancement, so silicone is not harmful to the human body. It is also the most suitable for doing Sex Doll,

However, some unscrupulous manufacturers will produce inferior silica gel, which may cause certain harm to the body. Therefore, when choosing Sex Doll, users must choose a large factory such as LovedollShops, which is a professional Sex Doll selling website, serving users around the world and being trustworthy.

In terms of feel, silicone dolls have good toughness and elasticity, are not easily deformed permanently due to external forces, and have a smooth feel, while fake silicone dolls are easy to deform, and because there is no layer of greasy substance on the surface relatively rough.

In terms of characteristics, silicone dolls have good texture, are non-toxic, tasteless and colorless, and are not harmful to the human body. Generally, fake silicone dolls are difficult to achieve these effects. In addition to rough hand feel, fake silicone also has a poisonous and pungent odor.

We can also distinguish between real and fake silicone by burning flames. The fake silicone doll emits black smoke when it burns, and the residue is black powder. The real silicone doll emits white smoke no matter what color it burns, and the residue burns. It is a white powder.

If you are not familiar with the silicone industry, it is best to find a reliable supplier to buy Sex Doll. When choosing a Sex Doll store, third-party reviews are the most valuable first consideration. LovedollShops can provide users with various types of Big ASS Sex Toys to meet the needs of different groups of people while ensuring safety.

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