Is It Safe To Use The Extensions Of Microsoft Office? office is the best choice when it comes to task computing packages. The program has been used by millions all over the globe and it has also been seen being utilized in corporate offices for fast-forwarding and speeding up the manual or repetitive tasks. There has lately been some confusion associated with the use of extensions. Users must be aware of the fact there is a possibility of being phished when you use extensions. Some of these extensions are made with putting a malicious virus. These days many things that appear to be safe to use turn out to hazardous and office extensions are no different. The extensions allow the users to benefit from the facilities it provides, however problems are not uncommon as there have been numerous hacking attempts in the past.

Users should stay away from unofficial extensions

Countless users have fallen victim to the extension that promised to accelerate the work and instead of doing hat it caused a lot of damage. The suspicious websites must be avoided at all costs which can potentially harm your system. You might run into companies that promise to offer added security to your firm by providing reliable extensions. Not all of them are harmful but most of them do not have good interests for your company. If the extension developer can be trusted only then should you continue, otherwise it is not recommended to risk your safety and data integrity. Not only these hackers are known to play with the information they get from you but also they can manipulate the data and completely hijack your system. It is clear that you must avoid the extensions that are not created by Microsoft for as the unofficial extensions for Microsoft office can be costly.

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