Is It Time For Electrical Rewiring?


When it comes to household electrics, your safety is paramount. Every year, Fire and Rescue NSW responds to about 4500 residential fires. Of these, about 40% of house fires are caused due to faulty electrical appliances. Yes, it’s a shocking stat. Malfunctioning electrical appliances and faulty wiring are the significant causes of house fires in Australia.

Let’s admit it; we all tend to ignore house wiring until something goes wrong with the electrical appliances or electric wires and switchboards. We often fail to realise that an underlying issue causes many electrical problems with the house’s main electrical system. Hence, the electrician Kenthurst is the right person to determine whether or not your house needs rewiring. However, certain tell-tale signs indicate your house needs rewiring, as suggested by electrician West Pennant Hills:-

Aging house

This one of the obvious signs that indicates your house needs to be rewired. If your house was built two decades before, it indeed needs rewiring because the load was much lesser and the electrical system would be basic. In addition to it, older homes aren’t designed to handle today’s electrical system’s load. Just imagine the load it takes from air conditioners, refrigerators, heaters, televisions, and the list of electrical appliances at the house goes on and on. Even today’s smart locks need electrical power to function. So, it is obvious older homes need to be rewired to handle heavy electrical needs.

Breaker trips frequently

Do your breaker trips often? Well, then it is time to rewire your house. A breaker that trips frequently is nothing normal, and it is a sign that something is wrong with your electrical system and requires replacement. Have your electrical system checked by electrician Rouse Hill to save your electrical appliances and reduce the risk of fire hazard. This is because an overloaded wiring system can cause the breaker to trip, resulting in an electrical fire. If your breakers are often tripping, it’s a red flag indicating to upgrade the system immediately.

Aluminium wiring

If your house is wired with aluminium wiring rather than copper, then it is time to replace it with copper wires. Aluminium wires can fail and cause overheating, which results in a fire.

Dim lights

Do you notice that your lights get dim as soon as you switch on the iron box or vacuum cleaner or any other large appliance? It is time to upgrade your electrical system.

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