Is It Worth Becoming a High Roller in Casino?

Whether or not you embark on the quest to become a whale all depends upon your personal preferences. If you’re going to gamble lots of money in 카지노 anyways, then you might as well consider doing what it takes to become an elite VIP.

I discussed a number of ways that you can go about reaching high roller status. The easiest way to do so is by speaking with a casino host beforehand and/or making a large deposit.

Doing one or both of these things ensures that you can be viewed as a whale immediately, rather than having to gain the casino’s attention. Furthermore, you can negotiate for the comps you want before placing a bet.

Of course, you can always just show up to a casino and start betting big. The only problem with this method is that the casino won’t know you’re a high roller until the right people notice your bet sizes.

You can also reach a higher loyalty status by spending money in other parts of the casino. These resorts rely on much more than just gambling to earn profits. They’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep somebody around who spends big in restaurants, the hotel, nightclubs, and the spa.


As an online gambler, you need to work your way up the VIP program by betting enough money. Visit a gaming site’s loyalty page to see what type of points you need to reach the highest level.

You should also learn what rewards the highest VIPs receive. After all, you don’t want to waste your time becoming an online whale, only to receive less rewards than you’re expecting.

One key point to keep in mind, though, is that comps aren’t worth your theoretical losses. Even as a high roller, casinos expect you to lose more than they’re giving out in rewards.

This fact presents a grim picture on how you can lose far more money than what you’re getting back. However, becoming a high roller is about more than just the money.

Many whales love the preferential treatment they get upon arriving at a casino. They may be flanked by staff members as they walk across the gambling floor, with onlookers in the background. They’ll also be able to impress their buddies and associates by inviting them up to the penthouse suite.

Of course, you can receive the same type of treatment by spending big at five-star restaurants and non-gambling resorts. But if you like gambling and want to be treated like a king/queen, then it’s worth pursuing whale status.


Becoming a gambling high roller isn’t a cheap pursuit. You need to bet quite a bit of money to impress the casino and earn their most-lavish rewards. Nevertheless, you should consider pursuing the highest VIP status if you have the bankroll to do so.

You’ll especially appreciate whale status if you like being pampered and made to feel important. Casinos will give you this feeling through choice hotel rooms, delicious meals, convenient transportation, and front-row tickets to shows.

But you don’t have to just accept the general high-roller perks. You can instead negotiate with the casino host to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Maybe you want the best blackjack rules or the largest loss rebate available. Perhaps you want to look like the biggest VIP in the nightclub or have free room service all week.

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