Is Kaspersky antivirus software is always safe to use

In spring 2015, Kaspersky antivirus key running on the contractor’s computer noticed NSA files that could contain NSA-designed malware and alerted Russian government-sponsored hackers to its presence. Then, Russian hackers attacked the contractor’s home machine and copied the NSA files.

However, intercepting NSA malware on a user’s computer is exactly what antivirus software is designed for. Uncovering various likely NSA cyber espionage efforts, as well as Russian efforts, in recent years, Kaspersky Lab knows what government-sponsored spyware looks like.

So did Kaspersky do it or not?
In the magazine’s story and in an accompanying article in the Washington Post, the question remained unanswered whether Kaspersky Lab actively informed the Russian government about the NSA files on the contractor’s machines.

It is possible that the company was compromised by the Russian government without its knowledge, or that Kaspersky Lab knew that the Russian security services were listening but could not do anything about it.

“The key question is what triggered the Kaspersky APT investigation. Was it an employee of the NSA? But if they are signatures on the implants and exploits of the NSA? Of the NSA, it is Kaspersky who is the only one doing his job and not Kaspersky Russia at all. ” ”

Kaspersky, the man, and Kaspersky Lab, the company, have always denied any active collusion with the Russian government. In his blog post last night, Eugene Kaspersky said that he would make his job impossible.

“We never betray the trust our users place in our hands,” he writes. “If we only did this once, the industry would recognize it immediately and that would spell the end of our business, and rightly so.”

In light of this new information, our own position remains the same: whether you or your immediate family members work for the United States government, a defense company, or a company involved in the operation or maintenance of critical infrastructure, no ” run Kaspersky antivirus software.

But for everyone, buy kaspersky internet security can’t be beat. Until we have a real smoking gun, and this story is not, we will continue to recommend it.

Our original story:
Russian antivirus company Kaspersky Lab has been in the news a lot lately and not in a good way. The United States Congress can ban Kaspersky products from the Pentagon. The federal bureaucracy has removed Kaspersky Lab from the list of approved vendors. And FBI agents interviewed some American Kaspersky employees in their homes.

All of this happened mainly because Kaspersky Lab and its CEO and co-founder Eugene Kaspersky are considered to be close to the Kremlin. According to information published in the main western media, there is a close connection between Kaspersky Lab and the Russian security services, although there is not much about a smoking gun.

Eugene Kaspersky defended himself, insisting that his business be safe from government interference. He even offered to show the United States government the source code for his company’s products. So far backtracking doesn’t work.

There is no proof that Kaspersky Lab is there at all. What is clear is that Kaspersky has an excellent malware and cyber espionage research team that freely and actively shares what they discover.
Most recently, Kaspersky Lab did some of the key work analyzing the Petya / ExPetr ransomware worm that emerged in Europe in late June. Kaspersky was the first major cybersecurity company to discover that the worm was actually a cyber weapon disguised as ransomware.

The company admits that it works with the FSB, the Russian secret service, if necessary. Kaspersky Lab won the government contract to protect communications and computer systems during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. But that does not make Kaspersky Lab a branch of the Kremlin, nor are the major US information security firms arms of the US government. Kaspersky himself insists that one government cannot choose him over another so as not to lose customers around the world.

Unfortunately, the company can lose customers anyway. Just as Edward Snowden’s revelations caused many people around the world to lose faith in American software products, rightly or wrongly, hackers in the Russian field can also lead Americans to suspect Russian software, and Kaspersky is by far the largest and best known Russian software publisher.

Who should and who should not use Kaspersky software?
So is it safe to use Kaspersky software? It’s probably not a good idea for a US defense contractor, federal agency, or critical infrastructure operator to use antivirus software from a potential rival country.

However, people don’t have to worry about Kaspersky software opening their computers to Russian hackers. If that were the case, it would have already been discovered. What customers should know is that Kaspersky’s anti-virus software is really good and does a great job of avoiding real threats rather than purely speculative ones.

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