Is Market Research Necessary?


Gone are the days when profit and growth were certainties of businesses. Business success now requires fierce competition for consumers in an environment where competition is global, and disruption is common. Understating customers and their shopping behaviours is essential. In fact, businesses are moving to a more customer-oriented approach to achieve their goals. This is where the market research comes into play. Market research can give valuable insights into consumer behaviour, understand social and economic trends, evaluate products and strategies, and gives business the ability to invest in where they will get the best returns. In short, market research can help find leverage market understanding to deliver growth.

So, What’s Market Research?

Market research is the process of analysing, collecting, and interpreting data about the market. Although market research is generally seen as being about individual consumers, it is broader than this and includes understanding competitors, trade channel, business buyers, and any stakeholder that influences your success. Market research can provide valuable insights regardless of who your market is and your industry. To ensure that you can access the insights from those in your market that matter the most you need to partner with an experienced market research company in Sydney.

Why Is Market Research Important?

Here are some top reasons suggested by market experts from a leading market research companies in Sydney:-

Identify Potential Customers

In order to sell your product or promote your service, it’s essential to know to whom you’re selling. Who is your potential customer? What are they looking for? What characteristics best predict your best customers? What product, service or distribution offer will attract the strongest demand? What message will motivate your market and differentiate your brand? With market research you can better spot business opportunities and identify your potential customers.

Reduce Risk

Business is risky. Markets change, competitors change, and new products take a large investment to succeed. Market research reduces business risk by identifying problems before they become major issues, testing products and strategies before you invest, and by knowing the real potential impact of competitors so that you can gain the advantage. Market research helps deliver the insights you need to manage your risk.

Outperform Competitors

Unless you are one of the very few businesses that have a monopoly, outperforming your competitors is essential. Market research helps to identify what strategies and products that are the most threat to your business, so that you can learn from your competitors’ successes and failures. Undertaking regular market research means that you will drive your businesses success rather than be forced to continuously react to your competitors advances. Market leadership requires insight.

Find Out the Best Marketing Strategy

Market research lets you explore and test strategy alternatives. Through this research you will determine which are the best strategies, how to best implement your strategies and learn from how the market reacted to the implementation to further improve in the future.

So, yes, market research is necessary for every business, regardless of industry and market. A good market research agency can help identify your customers, choose the right marketing strategy, and assist in realistic goal setting.

The author is the founder of a leading market research company in Sydney that delivers evidence-based strategies for clients seeking growth. Visit for more details.

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