Is Moissanite Halo Good for Engagement Rings?

Everybody wants to give their significant other the best they can afford, whether it’s a comfortable life, a lavish date night, or even a diamond engagement ring. But, admittedly, getting your hands on such luxurious items will cost a fortune. There’s no need to worry, though—moissanite halo engagement rings offer all the beauty of diamond rings for half the price.

Why you should give your loved one a moissanite halo engagement ring

  • They are beautiful

Did you know that moissanite has a higher refractive index than a diamond? That’s right—these lab-made gems exhibit a heightened brilliance you won’t find anywhere else, almost as if they were dazzling disco balls under the sun.

As a result, you’re not sacrificing beauty for price when you opt for moissanite rings. In fact, most professional jewelers may not be able to tell the two apart. Couple the moissanite’s natural brilliance with a double halo setting, and you’re sure to attract attention in a crowded room.

  • They are versatile

Like diamonds, moissanite rings come in a variety of cuts. Some of the most popular options include the round, princess, cushion, and oval cuts, but you can also go for a pear or heart-shaped gem.

On top of that, moissanite rings work with almost any setting imaginable. For example, you can combine the classic cushion cut with an elegant double halo setting, intensifying the center stone’s sparkle while protecting it from nicks and scratches.

  • They are durable

Diamonds are famously known as the hardest mineral on Earth, boasting a 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. However, that’s not to say that moissanite is any less durable. The latter is just 0.75 points shy of diamonds on the Mohs scale, making them great for daily use.

Moreover, moissanite rings are less likely to lose their shine over time, and you can pass them down from generation to generation.

  • They are affordable

The best thing about moissanite engagement rings is that they’re considerably less expensive than their diamond counterparts. This is because moissanite is readily available and produced in the laboratory to prevent supply issues. Additionally, their synthetic nature makes them more eco-friendly and reduces the need for harmful mining practices.


Ready to surprise your partner with a moissanite halo engagement ring? Don’t forget to purchase your rings from an experienced jeweler offering a wide range of cuts and settings to choose from!


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