Is money or gold worthier for saving and why?

Saving is a part of an individual’s or a family’s strategic planning. People having copious opportunities to choose, but are always unsure on which one to choose. Also, there is always uncertainty regarding the security these saving schemes offer.


Over the years people have come up with these queries:


  • How should I save?
  • Should I go for saving money in my account or is buying gold a better option?
  • Is money or gold better to save in terms of return?


The questions may go on. Let us keep our discussions limited to whether gold or money can be more worthwhile to save for meeting future money needs.


The opening statement of this query regrading whether saving should be done in money or gold would be: “it is better to save gold than money.”


What are the advantages of preferring gold to money?


  • Gold has a worth growing more steadily and exponentially than money


  • Gold finance can solve your huge financial problems. On the other hand, money will be able to resolve only what is affordable or amount you have saved. When you lack sufficient funds, you will by default have to look for other mortgage options.


  • Gold loan will give you money without having to sacrifice your pledged asset, while money once spent has to be earned again.


With pioneer gold loan companies like Kosamattam Finance, sanctioning gold loans will take few minutes with full value to the pledged gold, whereas money spent on financial needs are mostly dead asset.


Gold is always going to hold value. Liquidity of asset possessed as cash and asset possessed as gold has grave differences and the former causes more outflow of money than the latter. Through buying gold, you are solidifying your liquid assets which possess a very high probability of NOT spending and enhancing your future asset value. Gold is something you might want to say in case if you intend to pass on assets to your younger generations.


For instance, say that you are saving ₹5000 /- every month or you are buying gold worth ₹5000/- every month. There won’t be any considerable enhancement of cash in terms of value, whereas gold price is soaring dramatically and this value can perfectly reflect in the gold finance taken from a leading gold loan company like Kosamattam Finance. Trends have changed in such a way that people are finding gold loan companies a better option to choose so that they can immediately meet their financial needs.


People are ditching currencies and switching to buying gold and opting for gold loans. Currencies have the vulnerability of being manipulated by the controlling authorities viz. the government, while gold takes dips and turns in accordance with the controlling factor pertaining to the global dynamics like change in oil price etc.


Therefore it is justified that storing wealth in the form of gold has greater implications than money. Gold loan companies with substantial support to your gold finance needs is quantifying the fact that gold is more wise an option than money.


Now you decide- Money in the bank or gold in your lockers?


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