Is Playing For Real Money Legal In India? Here Are The Essential Details.

Since ancient times, people have engaged in various indoor and outdoor sports, including gambling. There are many different games on offer with chances to win money, including traditional ones like Spider and Solitaire and more contemporary ones like 8-ball pool, bowling, and fantasy sports games. From a sentimental and cultural perspective, gambling has long been stigmatized in India as a vice and a prohibited and unethical practice. Real money gaming is incorrectly connected with gambling, even though gambling is legitimately outlawed in the nation and always will be.


However, just because players can make money playing Rummy or they can play ludo games online, fantasy football or cricket, or even Solitaire, doesn’t mean they are online gamblers. Understanding the permissible line between gambling and skill-based gaming in India is crucial to understanding the legal aspect of real money online gaming.


The distinction between skill-based games and gambling:


Coins or chips are the first components in games with real money. To play the game, players must buy those. Players can start playing the game of their choice as soon as the transaction is complete. However, not all online gaming platforms support this.


There are also online venues where participants can enter tournaments to win money by paying an admission fee. Let’s say you’ve decided to play Ludo online on the ludo money app to make money. You must look for tournaments and enter them for a small price. Then, you’ll receive cash incentives if you defeat everyone else and take control of the leaderboard.


Furthermore, there is more to these real money games than luck or chance. These skill-based games allow players to improve their talents and learn new knowledge as they play. Players can hone their focus and concentration skills, for instance, or benefit from better hand-eye coordination. Additionally, sheer luck cannot be used to play these games. To defeat their opponents, players must strategize and apply logic.


Contrarily, gambling is purely a game of chance and luck. When you gamble, you risk valuable assets in the hopes of winning practical gains, even when the outcome is unknown. A lot of money is lost if you don’t win the round, so all you can do is hope to win.


Therefore, it is important to distinguish between skill-based activities like real money gaming and gambling. The former requires a predetermined course of action, abilities, and strategies to defeat rivals and teams.


Is Indian real money gambling permitted or not?


In India, gambling is illegal under the Public Gambling Act of 1867. According to the law, skill games need human knowledge and talent to win. However, skill games are not covered by this law.


As previously said, there is more to these games than just luck or chance. Players must put in a lot of effort to complete the task and defeat their foes. As a result, only a few states have explicitly banned real money gambling, leaving India as the only country where it is permitted.


If you live in those states, you can take advantage of practice leagues, which are free games. Even though they don’t offer any prizes, these games follow the same rules as tournaments where players compete for cash.


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