Is Solar Power the Future for Idaho?

23In the not-so-distant past, there was an understanding that the type of energy that the world, the U.S.A., and Idaho depended on was an important issue that needed to be tackled. However, there wasn’t much the average person could do. Someone got their power from the power company, and that was pretty much that. Even when solar power initially became available it remained prohibitively expensive for the average person—that is not really the case anymore. Idaho solar power is now an option that the average Idahoan homeowner can seriously consider. That being said, is solar power right for Idaho and is it likely to be our future?

Does Solar in Idaho Make Sense?

One of the primary reasons many Idahoans haven’t seriously taken solar into consideration is an assumption, conscious or not, that our state simply isn’t right for it. After all, we’re not California, Arizona, or Florida. But actually, that can be a good thing!

It may seem counterintuitive, but while lots of sunlight is obviously good for the production of energy from solar panels, lots of heat is not. In fact, excessive heat can actually decrease the efficiency of solar panels. And as Idaho gets a lot of sun (Boise and other Idaho cities often rank among the sunniest in the country), we don’t get the sort of heat found in states further south. It makes us pretty much perfectly positioned for solar.

Fossil Fuels

Idaho has made great strides in the use of renewable energy sources. Unfortunately, some of our energy is still provided by coal-fired power plants and from other fossil fuels. That’s unfortunate, because beyond the obvious environmental impact, fossil fuels are a finite resource. And that means they’ll become more expensive as they become scarcer. That’s why the strategies for energy management Boise that residents have been looking into (and those in the rest of the state) have included a greater emphasis on renewable energy and less on fossil fuels.

Alternative Renewable Energy Sources

As mentioned, other alternative renewable energy sources have been implemented to provide much of Idaho’s power. Most commonly, wind energy and in some parts of the state, geothermal energy. Geothermal energy has a few disadvantages. It’s obviously not always available being a big one, but there is also some concern that it could have a negative impact on the geothermal structures themselves and additional possible environmental drawbacks. Wind energy is a great option, as many parts of Idaho have no shortage of wind. Harvesting wind power, however, requires the construction of the wind farms. And it’s no secret that those are very controversial and can face vehement opposition.

Independence and Idaho

One of the ways in which solar energy seems most well-suited to Idaho is the fact that it makes Idahoans more energy independent. And Idahoans are nothing if not independent. Solar energy means not being fully dependent on the energy provided by the power company. It provides (more) independence from possible power rate increases and remains a source of power if some problem with the grid results in the power going out. Plus, it can save you a lot of money on your power bill. Considering all that, it seems extremely likely that solar power is going to play a significant role in Idaho’s power future.

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