Is Steve Smith worry about Bumrah & Co?

Former Australia captain Steve Smith got his rhythm back during Indian Premier League. Although he managed to score only 311 runs in 14 games, he is excited and confident about the upcoming face-offs with Australia.

Smith claims to be back

Steve Smith told ESPNCricinfo that he is back on track. He claimed, “I was pretty disappointed actually with my batting throughout the IPL. I never really got into a good rhythm, but I think the last few days actually I’ve found something. People close to me that know me well, I’ve found my hands the last few days, which I’m extremely excited about.”

He also added, “It’s taken me probably about three and a half or fourth months to do it, but found them now, which is pleasing and I actually look forward to going back to the nets again this afternoon to have another hit and just reinforce it and get started again in a few days’ time. Theoretically, it is a simple thing, but it’s just getting that feel and the look of the bat behind my toe the right way and the way my hands come up on the bat.”

Bumrah could trouble

While speaking about the Indian bowlers, Smith mentioned that hardly anyone could trouble him as Neil Wagner from New Zealand. “There’s not too many quick bowlers who can run in and bowl bouncers all day, and I guess the way Neil does it is particularly special.” He continued, “He (Wagner) is the number two Test bowler at the moment or something like that (number three behind Pat Cummins and Stuart Broad; Bumrah is the best Indian at number nine). I think you look at Neil Wagner’s career, the way he bowls, you see the majority of wickets he has got are from short-pitched bowling – with the way they set the field up. And he is the number two bowler for a reason. I mean that is what he does, yeah, it means he is different to what anyone tries to do it. It (others’ bowling) is not the same as Neil does. (He) Possesses a set of skills that not many do and he does that for a very long time.”

The talks of the duel between Jasprit Bumrah and Steve Smith has started doing the rounds. Smith opined, “Yeah, people can go for that. In a way, it is a kind of flattery, if people try to get me out (off short balls) because they’ve exhausted all other options. Gives me a lot of confidence to know that,” he added.

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