Is synthetic oil right for your motor?

Are you looking to get your car serviced, but you don’t understand what type of oil you should use? No matter what kind of car you drive, oil is the most vital lubricant to keep it running. Your car needs oil to prevent damage and maintain proper performance. When it comes to engine oil, there are tons of options on the market to choose from. But, with so many choices, it’s necessary to select the right one.

However, modern engines are developed to run on synthetic oil, but conventional oil is still on the market. Moreover, synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil but you can avail a discount by using Valvoline 19.99 coupon code. But how synthetic oil is better than conventional oil? Here we will look at the pros and cons of synthetic oil to see what services it offers.

Pros of synthetic oil

provides longer oil change intervals

When you use synthetic oil, you don’t need to schedule an oil change as frequently as you need to change conventional oil because it provides a longer change duration. But in some cases, it also relies on the engine oil brand and other situations such as the driving circumstances, weather conditions, and the way you drive your car. However, It is recommended to change your engine oil every 3 months or every 3000 miles. But if you use full synthetic oil then you can plan an oil change every 6-7months.

Cools down the engine

Synthetic oil is usually smoother than conventional oil, therefore it can provide better protection to the engine. As friction produces heat that can damage the engine. Synthetic oil helps the engine to maintain the temperature and provides cooling.  It also improves gas mileage, which indicates that it helps the vehicle to cover more distance in less fuel consumption. Synthetic oil boosts the engine to work more efficiently than regular conventional oil. Overall, when it comes to the performance and protection of the engine,  conventional oil can not overthrow synthetic oil.

Better than conventional oil

Conventional oil is best for providing lubrication but Synthetic oil is better than conventional oil. Because it can’t compare to the overall performance of synthetic oil. Conventional oil is not as chemically stable as synthetic oil. Also, it can easily break down and can’t provide protective qualities. On the other side, synthetic oil helps in reducing wear and provides protection even in intense weather.

Keeps the engine cleaner

The oil collects debris as it flows through the engine. Conventional oil can build up sludge which can reduce the efficiency of the engine and make it slower. But synthetic oil helps in cleaning the engine, preventing debris and other dirt from accumulating in the engine. If you want to expand the life of your engine and want to perform it effectively then it’s necessary to use the oil that keeps the engine clean. Because the overall performance of your car depends upon your engine.

Maintains the temperature

To prevent friction, oil flows through the crucial engine parts. The engine requires more time to flow smoothly with conventional oil. In cold weather, it takes longer for this flow process to occur but synthetic oil performs this task effectively. Even though with a low temperature, synthetic oil flows instantly and it begins to protect your engine as soon as you turn it on. Similarly, it is common for the engines to be hot when running. The high temperature in engines can result in severe damage to the engine. Synthetic oil prevents the engine from overheating even if you drive in hot climates.

Cons of synthetic oil

The benefits of synthetic oil have already been described above but there are also some noticeable disadvantages which will be explained below.

High cost

One of the major disadvantages of synthetic oil is its cost. It is somewhat more costly than conventional oil. It is obvious that synthetic oil is made up of high-quality products and provides more benefit and performance than conventional oil. Hence, it may cost you around 3 times more than conventional oil.

Incompatible with older vehicles

It is not recommended to use synthetic oil in older vehicles. Because synthetic oil helps in cleaning the sludge and older vehicles are commonly developed with the specification to utilize the sludge that performs as sealing. Synthetic oil is particularly known for its cleaning property which is useful for many engines, but it can negatively affect older vehicles and cause damage.

Which synthetic oil is best?

Engine oil maintains all the advancements in modern engines. Knowing the specifications and model of your vehicle is the very first stage in selecting the most suitable engine oil. There are so many options of synthetic oil that are available in the market. But choosing the best one can increase the efficiency of your engine. Valvoline is one of the most popular and reliable brands of automotive oil and has many options for engine oils. But their advanced full synthetic motor oil is formulated with advanced technology that protects your engine effectively. It helps in protecting the engine against wear and extends the life of the engine. Furthermore, it provides more safety against dirt and debris and helps to maintain cleanliness.

Now you’ve been familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic oil. Therefore, it will be understandable for you to conclude whether it’s suitable for your engine or not.

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