Is the LSAT Difficulty Higher Than the GRE?

What are the differences between the GRE and the LSAT? As more law schools take the GRE, this question can greatly impact your chances of getting into law school! In this post, we’ll look at all you need to know about the LSAT vs GRE, including LSAT vs. GRE, to answer the great question: is the LSAT harder than the GRE?


Is the GRE or LSAT harder?

Neither test is inherently more difficult. However, various test-takers will find one exam easier than the other, depending on their skill sets! Based on your talents and shortcomings, here’s a quick breakdown of which exam might be best for you.


If you’re a natural public speaker, the GRE will be an excellent choice. The test has a penchant for highlighting obscure vocabulary words, both in reading comprehension passages and on their own.

Reading comprehension is tested in both tests, although in different ways. The LSAT emphasizes critical thinking, whereas the GRE emphasizes reading comprehension. Furthermore, the GRE Verbal component accounts for 1/3 of the exam, whereas the LSAT Reading Comprehension section accounts for 1/5 of the LSAT-Flex and 1/6 of the conventional LSAT.

To put it another way? The GRE is tougher than the LSAT in terms of verbal questions.


The LSAT is the superior option if you excel at logical and analytical reasoning. The test comprises a Logical Reasoning section (two if you aren’t taking the LSAT-Flex) and an Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games) section.

The Verbal component of the GRE contains logical reasoning-style questions. However, these are a subset of the Reading Comprehension questions and account for a far smaller portion of the entire test.

In short, the LSAT is more difficult than the GRE when it comes to logic questions.


Are you a math whiz? Your decision is simple: take the GRE! The LSAT does not include any math problems, whereas the GRE includes 1/3 of them.

Without a doubt, the GRE is more difficult in math than the LSAT. There is absolutely no comparison!


The GRE is a better choice if you’re a brilliant writer. On test day, the GRE AWA demands two independent 30-minute essays (the argument and the issue essays). Also, the LSAT writing sample is a single 35-minute essay that you complete on your own time, distinct from the remainder of the exam. The GRE AWA is also scored, although the LSAT writing sample is not.

In general, the GRE is more difficult in terms of writing.


Finally, keep in mind that the LSAT (including the LSAT-Flex) is only given on certain dates. The GRE, also to mention, is offered every day of the year (including the GRE at home). So, for LSAT vs. GRE, if you need to take an exam quickly and have tight deadlines, the GRE may be the better option for you—as long as you consider both of the aspects above!

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