Is tooth extraction helpful

There are different kinds of situations in which people need to consult an oral surgeon near me as if they do not have enough space between their teeth or have crashed teeth.  In the case of crashed teeth, the bone may need to be removed so that tooth can be accessed. A large number of the patients do not want overcrowding of teeth in their mouth as it makes a bad appearance on their face. So tooth extraction is the best option to make it right.  Forgoing under the procedure of tooth extraction people usually have many choices like sedation, anesthesia. People generally don’t want empty spaces between teeth after the procedure of tooth extraction as it affects their smile. So you should start to plan to have a replacement of the tooth soon.  You should undergo Dental health services to know about the right treatment after getting your tooth extracted. You can use the dental implant services in which an artificial tooth is placed in your mouth.

What will happen if you don’t get your tooth extracted?

If you have a damaged tooth inside your mouth and you ignore it by doing so you will face severe problems like weakening gums, weakening bones.  An untreated tooth can cause severe infection and it will become worse if proper medical care is not provided timely.

It can also be harder for you to get it cured.  The process of tooth removal is also necessary because if it is severely damaged or broken it can’t be restored with a dental crown.

Moreover, crashed teeth may need to be extracted because they can’t be ejected properly.


 Reasons to go through tooth extraction:

  • If a tooth is turned at odd angles.
  • If a tooth is crushed.
  • For functional or cosmetic reasons.
  • Teeth are overcrowded.

After getting a tooth extracted from your jaw, there is an injury in the jaw bone and this will take more time to heal than the gum tissue. Healing of the bone will take a week.

Sometimes people have problems with their wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that mean molars on each side of the jaws. These teeth develop when a person’s age is between 16 and 20.  Because wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth, your mouth can’t contain them due to the low space left in it. This can create impacted wisdom teeth.

When you have the impacted wisdom teeth you need to go through the wisdom teeth removal process. In this process, your oral surgeon gives you sedation or anesthesia so that you go to sleep.

 Steps during wisdom teeth removal:

Makes hole in the gum tissue to get exposure of tooth and bone

Removes the blockage.

Divides the tooth into parts.

Removes the tooth.

After surgery people have a question in their mind How long does pain after wisdom tooth extraction last?

Many times people have little pain after surgery. It may be possible that you have swelling and little discomfort for 2 or 3 days. You may need some weeks to get healed completely.

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