Is Your Child Ready For Preschool? Here’s How to Prepare


So your little one is ready for preschool. Starting preschool marks the beginning of a new phase in a child’s development. In the next few months, your toddler will be making new friends, learning new skills, being independent, and gaining confidence.

An early childhood program offered at the Abbotsford long day care centre sets the child on the right path for later school success. But, not one said that this transition from home to child care wouldn’t’ be easy. Yes, it can be overwhelming as you and your kid will be experiencing a mix of emotions, including apprehension, excitement, fear, and even sadness and separation anxiety.

That said, it’s all for a month, and you both would be perfectly fine, happy, and content. Emotionally preparing your child and yourself for the first day of childcare Abbotsford can make all the difference. These tips should help:-

Tour the Abbotsford Long Day Care

Tour the facility and visit the classroom and meet the preschool teachers a few days ahead of school opening day. This can help your child familiarise the place rather than leaving them in a new place on the first day. Show your child the classroom, the play area, and other rooms and talk about what to expect during each portion of the day. Show the place where your child has to keep her backpack and personal things safely. This can reduce the anxiety on the first day of school as they have already visited the places.

Set the Schedule

It’s important to make necessary changes in the daily routine such as early dinner and wake up time gradually before the first day of school. Limit the screen time and stick to the schedule. Offer a healthy breakfast and spend some time outdoors. Developing consistent and predictable routines a few weeks before school will help make the transition smoother and easier for both of you.

Acknowledge the Feelings

Preschool is an exciting adventure. But, it’s completely normal to be anxious. Encourage your child to express their feelings, and it’s important to acknowledge their fears. You can change their behaviour as they learn to work through their feelings. Children tend to lack in some areas like potty training, interacting, etc. but, with a support and nurturing environment, these behaviours will change, and they are only temporary.


Stay organised a few weeks before the first day of preschool. Ensure you have clothing, backpack, shoes, everything organised and labelled. Stock up on things to make a healthy meal for your little one.


A new classroom and teachers will bring anxiety. While some children develop independence at a different rate, others need support and find it hard to get separated from their parents. Your involvement is crucial to help them transit and cross this phase smoothly.

Preschool is a major tremendous growth. With a little preparation, you can make this transition successful.

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