Is Your Resume Getting Rejected? Here are 5 Possible Reasons


Creating a resume from scratch can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t get good guidance for it. It’s not easy for any job seeker to find out what an employer is actually expecting from their ideal candidate. Resumes get rejected for a number of reasons. The experts offering resume services Sydney reveals the 5 common mistakes that can cause your resume to get rejected:


When you resume has one or more typos, it will create a bad impression on you. Employers will be less confident about your attention to detail, and move on to find someone else. Always have your resume proofread by somebody else to prevent these mistakes. Skilled resume services Sydney will make sure that you resume is free from errors. If you are rewriting or optimising your resume based on the job position you are applying for, check thoroughly for mistakes or omissions, and format the document.

Poor Formatting:

Most resumes are sent via email today and are acceptable in specific formats, such as a text document, Word document, or a PDF. When creating a new resume, make sure that you are using the right document type mentioned by the employer. Before sending it out, see if it is properly formatted too. Improper sentence structures, and cut-off descriptions are some examples of a poorly formatted resume. Keep the document simple and format it neatly to make your resume stand out.

Usage of Generic Words:

There are specific words that employers and hiring managers want to avoid in Sydney resumes. Some of such words include go-getter, thought leadership, go-to person, strategic thinker, synergy, dynamic, bottom-line, hard worker, and more. Rather than using overused terms like these, list out your accomplishments and prove to the company that you are valuable for them.

Detailing Every Single Thing You’ve Done in The Past:

While describing your work experience, it’s not necessary to list out the entire job history in your resume. Mention your past roles and responsibilities that are relevant to the job you are applying for. This often proves to the employers that you are worth considering for the position. Certain job seekers fail to connect their work experience with the job listed, and end up sending a generic resume. This gives a hard time for employers, as they wouldn’t be able to pinpoint the skills or expertise they’re looking for.

Including Unnecessary Information:

This is similar to the point mentioned above. Make the most of your resume real estate by presenting a summary of your qualifications, skills and accomplishments. Sentences such as “I want this job” don’t add any value to your resume. A resume writer Sydney should be able to create a great resume for you, enlisting all the relevant information an employer wants.

Hiring a professional resume writing service can certainly save so much of your time, and prevent the common mistakes mentioned above. Talk to an expert today and prevent hurting your chances of getting your dream job.

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