Isn’t MyLeague exactly the same with more customization

Isn’t MyLeague exactly the same with more customization but as MyGM that is outdated? Played a lot of MyLeague and had a blast.At least on the steam version MyLeague still bugged therefore the draft reproduces the top players. I simply don’t know how I really feel about these inevitability using Kobe for its”legend variant” that will be double the cost of this standard.I’d like if Kobe is the only pay for 2k24 but that is too far to NBA 2K21 Mt the future.

They always do a legend variant it just feels very weird that they are likely to be profiting off his death.Knowing that the 2k community there will be a ton of people who give a video game company $100″out of respect”for Kobe.Surprised it is not Luka or Zion. But Dame earned it.

Virtually spit out my coffee at the Youtube remark that says”2K did my mans filthy, he seems like a convict attempting to get he GED. “Seems like he’s reading for the first time.I need to watch this every time it gets shared hahaha.Jesus. Did they do this in 1 take? Could not the men that are sound cut at some of the pauses to make it even more natural/fluid. They’d certainly do all that, so this is the cleaned up version after a lot of takes.Don’t be too hard on the guy, mumble rap just begun getting hot round the time.

The very best part is MyPlayer cutting off him mid-sentence. I fucking love the thought of Markeif Morris telling prime Shaq to provide him the ball more although I know that it’s not him.

I don’t want to dogpile on Waiters because the voice acting is awful but holy fuck did that get through one and multiple levels of screening? Even without considering the incorrect traces, at least one human being needed to buy nba 2k21 mt coins hear Dion get cut off in the midst of a sentence as the scene jumped, keep talking at precisely the exact same time as the MyPlayer actor, and say it was fine to include in a final product in a triple-A studio. That is shitty brand new release.

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