It also happens when you leave-click to remove items

It also happens when you leave-click to remove items. Click on an item and OSRS Gold then move your mouse over to the next item. However, the first click registers shortly when you move your mouse, that causes you to remove the item that you clicked on.

I noticed this especially when I used mouse keys to withdraw items. I have my Astral, Cosmic, and Law runes in a line to make it easy to withdraw runes for spellbook swap. I have tried to withdraw these runes more than once, and often I end up with 3 astral, 0 cosmic, 3 law.

Perhaps the most profound effect of the update is on creating overloads. It’s very difficult to explain in writing. You will find that clicking fast could result in the removal of ingredients that you have clicked before you’ve made the initial ones.

Doubleclicks with Mousekeys can allow you to withdraw from one of the things you clicked on, and one of the items that your mouse pointer is on. This can be very frustrating to make huge quantities of overloads. It is important to take into account lag.

While I personally don’t care much about Herb XP (being lv99), it will be an issue for those trying to buy oldschool runescape account get 200m herb. Are you experiencing problems with banking or withdrawing the wrong items? This issue can occur when depositing things.

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