IT Security: Is The Integrated Firewall Really Enough?

What Is Firewall Doing For You?

With the name of the firewall, everyone feels secured and relax because they think that they have met the necessity for their system. However, the truth of the matter is that it is not enough.

It is not the ultimate weapon to protect your device from today’s cyber threats. This does not mean that you should ditch the firewall; there are a few things that are needed with it.

Many network administrations place firewalls because they believe that it is enough and vital to have an application at a network gateway so that it can block threats.

Another fact is that firewalls face some shortcomings, and the operation is based on predetermined rules. After the rules are identified, the user can circumvent them.

Phishing, ransomware, and botnets are the three examples of the threats that develop around a firewall. Also, it can’t predict what kind of threat will come because it is a reactive system, not a proactive system.

How Can You Protect Your System, Then?

A firewall alone cannot ensure protection; it needs to collaborate with others for comprehensive protection. Tools are required so that the next-gen firewalls can determine which traffic is dangerous.

The next-generation firewall allows the user to block the application that runs over the same port and may try to bypass the firewall. In short, a user gets equipped with visibility into the endpoints for protection.

The addition of analytical capabilities gives the user insight into what risks might be lurking on their network. Industry experts suggest using AI technologies for digital security.

The chooses the next step by considering the gathered information. Another vital point is the ability to detect zero-day threats, and legacy firewalls don’t have that capacity.

There are a few tools that can prevent the zero-day attack with the help of threat emulation and threat extraction.

Wrapping Up

All in all, the landscape of threats is growing more, and it has become of utmost importance to protect systems from day-to-day threats.

All enterprises need to lay stress on the protection and make sure that they have more tools that can collaborate with the firewall for better protection.

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