ITAD Companies Chicago Use Secure Data Destruction Methods to Protect User’s Information

Privacy is of extreme importance. Every user needs to ensure safety for the information saved on their old computers, mobile phones, and other IT gadgets. A user should never share crucial details with people they don’t trust. Even though there is no visible threat, it’s best to avoid leaving data traces anywhere. Another thing users can do to safeguard their private information is to hire ITAD disposition companies Chicago that perform secure data destruction.

Importance of Secure Data Destruction

All information, irrespective of type and sensitivity, is essential. Keeping such information preserved becomes a liability when the time comes to dispose of old media devices. They may contain data that is no longer of use but it is still crucial. In that case, they need an intelligent IT asset disposition solution Chicago to erase it.

The Right Way to Destruct Data

Secure data destruction does not mean physically destroying the device that contains the information. It might be true in some cases. However, that’s not the best way to do things. The data can still remain intact if the equipment gets smashed to bits. Moreover, tech-savvy individuals can collect data from broken system pieces. Therefore, ITAD companies Chicago ensure no traces of data are left in the system after destruction.

Deleting files from the computer and laptop is not enough. There are other methods to ensure the cleaning of the system. This becomes more important when consumers plan to change or upgrade the system. Here are the different approaches ITAD specialists follow to destroy data on devices:

  • Reformatting

Reformatting the device is one of the primary methods of deleting files and destroying data stored on a system. Although it does not remove the files entirely from the system, it might be an excellent way to start the process. After reformatting the system, double-check to ensure that all files are completely removed, and a layperson cannot access them without technological tools and know-how.

  • Data Overwriting

Overwriting is a process in which specialists cover certain file codes with patterns using zeroes and ones. ITAD disposition companies Chicago may overwrite data more than once to make it completely incomprehensible. Although overwriting is an effective method of deleting data, it is time-consuming and needs expertise.

  • Degaussing

Most computers, laptops, and other media devices work on electricity. Therefore, degaussing is an effective method of secure data destruction. The process uses strong magnetic devices to disrupt the IT assets’ magnetic fields. However, this method is successful for obsolete and out-of-use devices only as it may make a working device non-workable.

  • Physical Destruction

Physically destroying IT equipment can remove a lot of data stored in it. It makes most chips hard to use and read. Completely smashing a device may ensure the complete removal of the data stored. However, it may cost a lot of money, ending the device’s life instantly.

Reputed ITAD companies Chicago, like COM2 Recycling Solutions, ensure that your information never reaches the hands of the wrong people. That is why they practice several secure data destruction methods according to the clients’ requirements. It’s best not to take data destruction into your own hands and use professional services to get the needed help.

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