Italian Mixed Herbs

Spice Zen’s Italian Herb Blend is a classic blend of premium quality, organic, aromatic herbs that bring Mediterranean flavours to any dish. Italian Mixed Herbs

This Italian herb mix consists of aromatic, citrusy and slightly pungent Oregano, rich, earthy Thyme, Rosemary and Sage balanced by Basil and Marjoram. These flavours are further brightened by a hint of Parsley and Red Chilli flakes. Just a whiff of this blend will take you to Italy. Melbourne Spice Shop

Use this beautiful Italian seasoning to brighten pasta, soups, sauces, roasted vegetables, braised white beans, pizza, herb bread, oven-baked fish, omelettes and vinaigrettes. Rub onto meat before roasting or grilling chicken, fish or lamb shoulders. Combine the Italian herbs with fresh breadcrumbs and coat chicken pieces, breast fillets or white fish fillets. Mix this blend with a premium quality olive oil and ground Black Pepper to add authentic flavour to your pasta.

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