It’s because it is not a port over

It’s because MT 2K21 it is not a port over, it is another game, and they’ve designed that game specifically for consoles. The PS5 specifically can do things your PC or my PC just can’t do, and so you can’t just”port it on”. In addition to that, the PC community is TINY compared to rest, therefore it would cost a bunch of extra cash in development and they’d get little return on such investment. Uh, what exactly can an PS5 do an PC cant perform? An PS5 should be on precisely the exact same level of an good gaming PC, and both Nvidia & AMD is releasing new graphics cards in the upcoming months aswell, pushing the performance of PCs far beyond Consoles again.

“Its a different game” however, the console players get it for free if they buy the regular version of NBA2k21 right? Or do console gamers have to buy it twice? Even the PC community is larger then folks believe imo, they would make money from porting the next gen model for certain, also they would make their PC playerbase joyful, even if they simply break even. The PC version has had an avarage of all 20k+ concurrent players for the previous six months, that’s pretty damn great for an niche sports PC game. It lands spot 22 in most played games on Steam.

Imo they ought to have cancelled the normal NBA2k21 port, and just went with the following gen to PC straight away. There are quite a few thing which the PS5 can do that a PC can’t, since they made hardware especially for it that is not accessible on any PC. It can load it’s 16 GB of RAM immediately, which a PC simply cannot do. That the I/O Speeds on the SSD can’t be matched by anything on the xbox or PC, and it will most likely be the way for at least about 2 years. Go look it up, there are plenty of posts relating to this.

I believe some advertising people fool you. Its the exact same talk everytime a new console is going to release. An PC will probably be still have the ability to play any game ported from next gen consoles to PC just nice, PC will still be the top performer hardware shrewd in regards to gaming, no matter what the RAM speed is. Claiming that is merely silly imo. And asserting that NBA2K21 will possess attributes inside that is essential for those speedy RAM/SSD rates is simply even more absurd.

And will probably be left in the dust when the 3080 cards enters the marketplace in a few months. You are flat out wrong, and utilizing outdated logic. You have not done any actual research on the topic, and btw, I am someone who has been building PC’s for more than 20 decades. I mean, for making the same type of blind Buy 2K MT statements Linus needed to apologize which you are earning. What attributes will the quicker SSDs and RAM enable for the Console games?

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