It’s Time to Check in With your Gut Health

When we hear of bacteria, our mind automatically thinks it’s something bad or associates it with some sort of illness. Well, that is not the case here. Our body has a microbiome system which has good bacteria, the ones that help in strengthening our immune system and is crucial for our heart and weight.

One such microbiome is the gut microbiome, which we often neglect. It is affects the key bodily functions and a poor gut health can lead to lots of health ailments.

So, the bloating, the mood swings, the cramps and the gas issues that you have been complaining about for so long are all related to your gut health.

While a lot of us are on the ongoing trend of the keto diet, one must be aware of the relationship between keto diet and gut health.

Yes, you might have shredded a few pounds but you still don’t feel at your best? This is because you have poor gut health.

Now, there are studies that show that ketogenic diets may alter your gut microbiome as when you cut out carbs from your diet you also cut out fibre rich food from your diet. This leads to unhealthy and irregular bowel movement. Incorporating no-starchy vegetables and low sugar fruits will help boost up your fibre intake helping you in keto gut healing. This way you can continue on your keto journey without a compromised gut.

These are some keto-friendly food recommendations for improving your gut health:

• Kimchi

• Leafy Vegetables

• Avocados

• Broccoli

• Nuts

• Salmon

• Sauerkraut

Also, it is given that keep yourself well hydrated and increase your fluid intake. So, good hydration, meditation and exercises will help you better your gut health.

So, continue with your keto diet and also keep indigestion and bloating at bay.

Amy Smith has been on this keto journey for 4 years and no wonder she has seen some drastic changes in her body weight. But she is also a huge advocate of improving your gut health. With her healing gut health plan, she has seen visible improvements in her mood swings and body inflammation. It also improves your skin and hair and keeps allergies and joint pain at bay. She also has great gut health supplement recommendations that are tried by her beforehand and are excellent to repair the gut and create overall wellness in our health.

About Amy Smith:

Amy Smith is one of the most sought after and knowledgeable keto diet experts on the Internet. She has helped many people struggling with weight loss to get onto the keto diet.

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