It’s Time to Move to Cloud Phone Systems


Technology has made many of our childhood fantasies a reality. It has also brought to the fore our desire to stay connected 24×7 with those around us in both our professional and personal space. But here’s the thing with technology, it keeps evolving, and there are certain issues that need to be addressed in real-time given the way we consume technology.

2020 brought with it a lot of challenges, but it was also an eye-opener in many ways and re-defined how we function, communicate and collaborate. Recently, a survey done by SHRM revealed that inefficiencies in business communication systems can cost companies with as less as 100 employees losses to the tune of $420,000 USD annually.

As the world made a shift to remote working companies had to ensure that all the essential tools were available to their employees to ensure that business continues as usual. This need translated into companies adopting cloud technology for all their business functions, including phone systems. Cloud-based VoIP phone solution ensured flexibility, agility, and seamless business operations.

Legacy systems v/s cloud-based VoIP phones

Before we move on to explain why cloud phone systems are becoming a must, let’s briefly understand the difference between legacy on-premise systems and cloud telephony.

● A cloud-based VoIP phone works through the internet as opposed to traditional systems that require an elaborate copper wiring system for delivery.

● Cloud telephone systems do not require physical phones (think desk phones). One can install virtual phone apps on a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

● Your VoIP service provider manages functions such as call switching, routing, and network maintenance.

Why are Cloud Phone Systems important?

Here are compelling reasons to make the switch today.

· Versatile and mobile: Cloud phones or VoIP phones are much more than basic telephony. They come packed with features such as instant messaging, conferencing, automated answering, automatic forwarding, voicemail-to-text/email, and sophisticated call management and analytics to meet modern business communication needs. To add to it, cloud phones provide users the freedom to receive and make calls while on the move, enabling teams distributed across different locations to collaborate and share tasks.

· Improved call quality: Blurred video, lags, breaking sound, calls getting dropped all seem to be a thing of the past. The superior VoIP technology which is the backbone of cloud-based cloud telephones systems ensures crystal clear audio and video quality.

· Scalability: As your business grows so do your communication needs. Cloud phones do not require any additional hardware making them highly flexible. As your team grows you can add new lines to the system, they have been designed keeping in mind today’s ever-evolving and dynamic business environment.

· Costs: Last but not the least, a cloud-based VoIP phone solution saves you loads of money. They translate to cost savings typically between 30–50 percent, depending on the nature of business and its size, are usually a subscription-based service, which means you only pay for the features you use. They help boost productivity and eliminate any communication gaps.

The last two years witnessed a significantly accelerated growth in the adoption and utilization of VoIP phone solutions and all cloud-based technologies. Organizations are cognizant of the advantages and reliability of cloud-based functions. The future with VoIP phones looks exciting!

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