iTunes will no longer be a part of Microsoft Store! Sorry, Windows 10 Users!

A bad news for Windows 10 S users! Apple has reportedly walked back on its earlier commitment of making iTunes available to the Microsoft Store by the end of this Year. The reason Apple gave for not fulfilling this commitment is that more time and further work is required before the compatible version of iTunes can be launched and deployed on this latest version of the operating system. This recent update has come as a big disappointment for the Windows 10 S users who were highly anticipating the debut of the iTunes from past several months. The users can only install Apple’s digital content player along with the management application from the Windows store.

An apple Spokesperson confirmed this delay in the process of adding this application to the Microsoft Store that was earlier known by the name of Windows Store. The Spokesperson also said that “We have been working with the tech giant to deliver the full iTunes experience to the Windows 10 S users. For this, we need a bit more time”. Clearly, the statement indicates the progress and the ongoing development of enabling iTunes. It also confirmed that the company has no plan to scrap the original decision.


The company has not given any indications on when exactly in 2018 the iTunes will be available for the Microsoft Windows 10 S users. This was one of the biggest launches that were being expected by the Windows 10 S users as the original app is not configured to work in the environment.

Most importantly, Microsoft Store is the only channel to download third-party applications on this latest operating system, as of now. Windows 10 S is tweaked version of the latest version of Windows 10; that was specially debuted for institutions earlier this year. This version is streamlined for superior performance as well as security.

This news brings in a major disappointed for the Windows 10 tweaked version users as they cannot experience Apple Music as well as iTunes store just yet. However, regular Windows 10 users can access Apple services by downloading the executable file of the latest iTunes version.

Like iTunes, the tech giant also announced at its Build Conference in May that it is implementing Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Fedora and SUSE Linux to the Microsoft Store. These all applications will be bring in followed by the arrival of Windows Subsystem for Linux or what we commonly call it as WSL.

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