IV Therapy Queens New York

At Aesthetic Solutions we strive to provide our patients with the newest and most cutting-edge forms of cosmetic treatment and wellness health, available today. IV therapy or Intravenous therapy has grown into an extremely popular form of wellness treatment. iv therapy long island is a treatment in which a liquid substance is delivered directly into a patient’s veins, in order to promote differing aspects of health & wellness within the body.

Quick and Easy!
The use of IV medication is extremely common in medicine. IV simply means Intravenous; a route of medicinal administration in which the substance or medication is delivered directly to the veins, rather than orally. IV administration uses either high pressure syringes or intravenous drip infusions, more commonly known as drips.

Generally, IV administration is pain free, the patient may feel an initial pinch as the needle is inserted into the vein. However, during the procedure, most are casually enjoying a magazine, or catching up their favorite Netflix drama! Many of our patients have been known to fall asleep during the process.

IV Therapy is Faster & More Efficient!
The IV route of administration is the fastest method to get medication to the blood stream, therefore gives patients and healthcare practitioners the advantage of faster, more efficient patient treatment.

The IV route uses the body’s own circulatory system to disperse medication or provide the body with replacement for lost fluid.

Depending on your issue and your Intravenous need at Aesthetic Solutions we offer our patients a number of therapeutic IV drips. IV therapeutics cover a broad range of medical issues.

Aesthetic Solutions IV Menu

  • Mayer’s Cocktail Drip
    The Mayer’s Cocktail Drip is a one of kind IV therapeutic that provides patients with an intense immune system boost, allow you to better fight off viruses and infection. It is also known to boost energy, and eliminate chronic fatigue, as well support the body during cold and flu season.
  • Immunity Drip
    The ULTIMATE immune system therapeutic! Will help you fight off cold and flu viruses, as well as bacterial microbes deep within the body. Comes with a mega-dose of Vitamin C, in order toprotect the body from infection and free-radicals.
  • Glutathione Infusion Drip
    Popular amongst the Hollywood elite, the Glutathione Infusion provides patient with luscious hair, skin, and nails. Known in some circles as the “Master Antioxidant Drip”, it detoxifies the body from the inside out, and eliminating harmful free radicals. Patients have also been known to experience an intense outer glow, restoring and revitalizing dull skin, and enhancing the complexion.
  • Hangover Drip
    Had a wild night out? Aesthetic Solution’s hangover drip combats symptoms of hangover, like dehydration, nausea, headache, and overall soreness. As the drip restores your body’s electrolyte balance, it will have you feeling yourself again in under 30 minutes.
  • Weight Loss Drip
    The ULTIMATE in fat burning and weight loss. The weight loss drip includes a lipotropic cocktail of fatty amino acids, and L-carnitine to jump start your body’s metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine. It has also been known to boost energy levels and improve sleep patterns.
  • Beauty Drip
    This wonder-drip will have you feeling great and looking BETTER! Helps to hydrate the skin and prevent and reverse the signs of aging through a thorough detox. This process will also work wonders for your inner organs and deliver a mega-dose of Glutathione and Vitamin-C throughout the body.
  • Exercise Enhancer Drip
    The perfect compliment to any high intensity workout plan. The exercise enhancer acts as a pre-workout supplement of sorts, giving you the energy needed to complete the grind of your workout. Containing a vitamin infusion, it also helps to maximize muscle growth, boost stamina, improve circulation, and supports muscle recovery.
  • Pre-Op Drip
    Surgical procedures can have a taxing effect on the body. The pre-op drip provides you the vitamins, minerals, and totally body fortitude to handle the rigors of surgery and helps speed up your recovery.
  • Chronic Fatigue Drip
    Constantly tired? Struggle to get out of bed in the morning? The chronic fatigue drip packs a powerful set of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to give you the strength and overall energy to get through the daily grind.
  • Other Drips
    At Aesthetic Solutions we also offer our patients drips for any occasion. Some of other drips are specially formulated to combat respiratory issues, hormonal complications for menopause, and diabetes/blood sugar optimization.

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