Ivana Spagna and Davi Wornel together for the hymn to love: duet on “I Wish To Really Know What Adore Is”

Ivana Spagna and Davi Wornel together to get a general hymn to love. The two entertainers duet about the deal with of “I Want To Know What Adore Is”, famous hit from the American groupForeigner. Ivana Spagna, queen of 80-90s take boogie, joined up with causes with Wornel, a well-known internationally famous vocalist who has conquered Core and South America more than twelve several years. But that’s not all the: the song boasts the partnership of titles such asVinnie Colaiuta, Abraham Laboriel, Michael Landau, using the participation in the gospel choirBig Heart and soul Mama. Acquire more specifics of Ivana Spagna

Davi Wornel and Ivana Spagna’s aim in bringing this music to light would be to express your message of love, the powerful concept of lifestyle, the supreme objective of most our thoughts. Both the performers are persuaded that more than ever today guy is trying to find enjoy, which is precisely through music that they wish to show this profound benefit.

“We learn how to live with efficiency, with humbleness, with persistence, we live in peace and peace – Spain stated -. The globe requirements enjoy, generosity, that the smarter brother holds out his hands on the weaker brother. Frequently males damage the other person apart mainly because they have not acquired love: it is actually a chance to disperse this really like. Dear buddies, it is sometimes complicated being Christians, however the community demands, today more than ever, our witness of forgiveness, adore, compassion “.

This can be echoed by Wornel, who has identified himself in the field of “Christian rock”. “There exists a solid temptation to answer physical violence with abuse, to oppression with battle. Only really like can cease these evils – he states -. Way too many on the planet are indifferent, beginning from the frontrunners of countries, concerned about monetary interests at stake, connected to oil and weapons. Even the multimedia are reticent “.

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