I’ve always wished I could post this suggestion directly to Runescape

Eliminate these wilderness realms. Either remove the wilderness as it is with single combat zones, or force single combat pkers to use some other PvP area RS Gold. It’s a sensible idea that will likely benefit the clans and the wilderness more than any clan support update will. I know that had little connection to the actual new combat system but I needed to figure it out.

Since I am a freeplayer and only a tiny portion of Runescape Map can be accessed by me. Today, however I was able to see that little land had been added to the mainland over the last eight (?) years. years. It’s only been eight years since the last piece of land was added to the mainland. This is because there is not enough room to expand.

Jagex does not want to change their strategy and eliminate the water off the island. Although they were able to bypass the water barrier by inserting new content on islands, they cannot do so for too long without losing the sense that there’s an actual mainland.

The Mainland appears to be based upon Europe or at the very least its culture. Karamja’s jungles and tribesmen seem to represent Africa. Africa was once described as the “Heart of Darkness” by Europeans back in the past. This was a land of unknowing and death. It’s not OSRS Fire Cape for sale. It’s too outdated. It is also very small, at best when compared to other parts of the country. Also, it is deficient of top-quality content.

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