I’ve been absent from runescape

In all honesty, I’ve been absent from runescape for pretty much a year, possibly longer, but OSRS gold I was into the game occasionally. I’m now fully back and activated my membership again and am hoping to continue where I have left off (getting the use of my quest cape back). Recently, I’ve grown tired of training various stats for the purpose of wearing my quest cape again and decided to get some combat-training.

I’d like to see raising att, def and str from 98 to 99, but it could also be magic, as well as range. I’m looking for some advice regarding the use of equipment, the methods and where to train. Recently I’ve been taking part in the mage-training arena for Magic, however, it’s rather slow, the amount of money which can be earned is an enormous draw.

A range that I’ve no idea of, back when I played in a serious manner, I was capable of buying unlimited quantities of bones bolts. But now, that’s limited to 300 daily in the shop that isn’t ideal. Concerning att/def/str, I’ve taken up training with the moss giants . they don’t need food and the huge bones are a nice bonus to prayer. If anyone has advice I’d be very grateful. My rs username’s same as the username I use on this forum.

If you find Gds while conducting gds, you will drop ggs at the gd that you just found. If you spot key doors, verify to see if anyone has the key, and if they don’t, you can lock the door. Well, with 0 pray you do not want to get into strong keys or gd’s doors that have mages only, therefore you’ll need to wait until the team arrives.

Drop ggs in gd doors that have to be done quickly, it’s not recommended to drop them at the door to a key and only if someone is holding their own key… Do not drop it near an altar. Don’t drop it at fishing or buy rs 3 gold skilling areas. The only gd’s that are essentially.

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