I’ve been trying to update my office to unlock a 3rd ship

I’ve been trying to update my office to OSRS gold unlock a 3rd ship, but it’s so horribly slow to collect bamboo. Finally, the team: Here’s a listing of the team members I’ve. Who should I toss overboard dismiss? And lastly, what should I be looking for some time recruiting new crew members?

And who should I buy w/o hesitation, and that should I avoid constantly? Last, Rerolls: If I always use up all my re-rolls every day? When should I use my Captain re-rolls? Thanks a Lot! I know I did ask a ton of questions, but I appreciate every answer I receive.

We used to get a Ports topic, but people stopped posting in it and it got buried beneath other subjects. It’s somewhere in the RuneScape General Section, it might have answers to a few of your queries from members far better than me when it comes to PoP. First off, the ships: What if I prioritize updating? The hull, the deck products, the rudder, or the ram (the slot at the very front of the boat, idk what it is called)

Personally I always get the deck items first since there’s just two. So once you want to do a Seafaring voyage for example, it is a lot more useful to have two Seafaring boosting deck things than only the bonus the hull gives. Some folks will assert the rudder is much better since it is going to Old School RuneScape Gold help save you time allowing you to do more voyages/day, I can not argue against it but I have always done ports in a far more relaxed than efficient way so I get rudder last.

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