I’ve only been playing since 08 and i’m thinking

I train slayer and forget which critter had the best drop of nat. . I know that roaches can drop the nats, but unless you are fighting a lot then relying on this for production of nats isn’t a good idea. However, on the RS gold bright side – the prices are incredibly cheap on certain items and runes are inexpensive to purchase if you’ve got the gp to build the most massive stack.

I’ve only been playing since 08 and i’m thinking these are the best prices I have seen prices go. In the past , I had runes to sell, but now i am burning them as it’s not a big lose of money using the runes i have. It’s a good time to do so. however, things change… I really look forward to this latest dumb update to be solved within our world. For now, im off to remove some gold from the monster’s butt.

So far, it’s working excellently and I just need to deposit when I can’t hold any additional drops. You are seriously better off using a whip instead of Guthan’s spear of war. Damage per second for the spear is terrible So re-banking whenever you’re in need is more efficient. Switch to a whip when you don’t have to heal, then. It’s easy to fix.

Full Slayer Helmet. Although I’m not slaying them in a slayer mission however, the Full Slayer Helm offers excellent protection for a helm that can be ranged, as well as a bonus to ranged attack, even if I don’t get the 15% bonus as it’s not a Slayer task.

Armadyl Pendant – Cheap Armadyl item. I’m currently considering putting an order in exchange for an Armadyl Stole to replace it however, it’s unlikely to purchase for much. Saradomin Body – Helps get to the Armadyl’s Eyrie as well as permits I to get rid of the Aviansies that are in the middle in the middle of God Wars Dungeon if the eyrie gets too crowded (but it usually doesn’t).

Dragon Plateskirt is a great choice for the penalty of a ranged attack but the superb ranged defence counteracts that. One day I may replace it with Dragon Platelegs to look more appealing, but currently it’s not practical for me. Snakeskin Boots – Nifty ranged attack bonus and ranged defence bonus.

Ava Accumulator – Who wouldn’t use this for ranging? Rune Crossbow – Great one-handed weapons that range. Can’t wait till dragon comes out! Zamorak Vambraces Zamorak item with fantastic range bonus that buy OSRS GP helps offset the penalties from other tools. Bolts with Broad-Tipped Tips – Affordable and excellent ranged strength benefit!

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