Jaguar I-PACE – What You Should Know About this New EV

The new Jaguar I-Pace is perfect for those aiming to lead a sustainable lifestyle. The popular vehicle manufacturer has combined their best design and electric technologies to create an EV like no other. Their efforts have really paid off as the car delivers zero tailpipe emissions, a powerful performance, and great compatibility with efficient Jaguar charging station. Learn more about all the great features of Jaguar’s first all-electric vehicle:

Sustainable Driving Guaranteed:

Get a range of up to 470 kilometres on a single charge. The EV is powered by a 90-kwh lithium ion battery. To get the maximum range possible on your I-Pace, remember the following:

– Heating and air conditioning systems utilise energy, which will have an impact on the range. You can prevent this by pre-conditioning the interiors of your vehicle while charging with a Jaguar car charger. This allows you to heat or cool the interiors by using electricity directly from the power supply, and not the battery.

– Temperatures that are too high or too low can influence the ability of the battery to maintain its charge. I-Pace includes advanced thermal management systems that helps regulate battery heat and prevent outside temperatures affecting the range of your car.

– Applying acceleration and brake utilises power. The battery drains fast when there is a traffic congestion as you frequently apply both brake and acceleration. Make sure not to fluctuate the speed of your car too much when there’s heavy traffic. Managing a stable speed gives the best range for your travel.

– Your driving style also has an impact on the range of the vehicle. Abrupt acceleration won’t do any good in maintaining a good battery backup, even if it is fully charged with a Jaguar electric car charger. As mentioned earlier, driving your car at a steady speed will help it to maintain a good range. Accelerate and decelerate slowly and steadily for optimal consumption of energy.

Built for Luxury:

Besides great performance and an impressive range, the Jaguar I-Pace has a rich collection of features to create a luxurious atmosphere for you.

– The seats are available in different colours and materials, and they come with heating and cooling features to improve comfort.

– Travel with peace as the electric motor encapsulation significantly reduces sound and wind noise. Don’t get distracted by the outside noise anymore, and travel peacefully by listening to your favourite songs or chatting with your loved ones (without having to scream). I-Pace also includes an acoustic laminated glass for a calm interior.

– Just like any other Jaguar vehicle, the iX3 EV is no stranger to safety. The vehicle comes with the necessary safety features such as Adaptive Surface Response, Low Traction Launch, All Surface Progress Control, and more.

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