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Kenworth Stainless

Kenworth stainless is an alloy of steel containing nickel and vanadium. It is a precipitation hardening alloy, meaning that it has been solidified by the addition of other elements such as chromium, titanium and cobalt. This means that it resists oxidation from hot surfaces in addition to resisting corrosion from the air. Not only does this make Kenworth stainless resistant to damage from both internal and external sources but also exceptionally strong for its weight at about 340 Mohs.

This tough line of trucks have become so popular around the world because they are able to withstand extreme conditions in all sorts of weather without breaking down or leaving any serious damage on their undercarriage. Kenworth stainless trucks can be driven through the desert without any serious damage to the undercarriage, which is something that any type of vehicle would have a hard time surviving because of the amount of sand and rocks that would be constantly hitting against it.

This type of truck also features standard features for its category such as anti-lock brakes, air conditioning, cruise control, power steering, anti-skid brakes and a few others. These are very useful features to have on any vehicle and are very beneficial in taking stress off their driver by not having to drive with so much force. The number one feature for these types of vehicles is their power train and how well they can handle cargo. In order to power these trucks they need a lot of power, which is why they are designed with a powerful 8.3 liter turbo-diesel engine that has an air to turbo intercooler. This engine can produce up to 313 horsepower and up to 930 lb/ft torque, which allows these trucks to carry heavy loads and travel long distances without any issues.

The exterior of this truck is very clean with polished alloy wheels and stainless steel bumpers on the front and rear. The interior features leather seats and a full glass ceiling for easier viewing for its passengers. Read More….

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