Jenny Synthetic Mono Wig Review

Kirsten recently has reviewed Lavivid Jenny Wig and shared the video on her youtube channel. The Jenny Wig is Super sleek eye catching angled bob, featuring a Single Monofilament top with Front Lace which creates the illusion of natural hair growth. The Monofilament material feels really soft and fine, which is perfect for people suffering from hair loss from chemotherapy treatment and alopecia.
Before Kirsten posted the review on the youtube, she had already worn the wig for seven days and also washed the wig. “I really want to test the wig out!”she said in the video. It turns out that it is still nice and silky. And the wig does not shed. She also thinks the Jenny Wig is great for tuckability. You can tuck either one side or two sides behind the ears. Kirsten loves this Mono Top of this wig, because she can make either the side part or the middle part, very flexible parting space.

The Color of the Jenny Wig Kirsten has reviewed is Almond-Frost. It is a dark blond color with light blond highlights. She is also very into this color.

We would like to thank Kirsten for posting this review video on her youtube channel FAUXHAIR FABULOUS.

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