Jerusalem markets – a must-visit for any tourist

Whether you are visiting Jerusalem for the first or for the hundredth time a trip to the various markets is a must. From a best seasonal fruits and vegetables, aromatic spices, clothing, art and souvenirs, the markets are the perfect place to mix with the locals, experience the culture and shop at the same time.

When you visit a market in Israel, be prepared to haggle. Haggling is something that people either can or cannot do so be sure you know how to do it or you visit the market with someone that does because as a tourist you can definitely get ripped off. Haggling is completely normal in any shop, store or stall where the price is set by the seller. Even in private shops where labels indicate that the price is fixed it is completely normal to ask for a discount. Haggling is not an exact science and there is no right or wrong way to do it. You have to ‘read’ the person in front of you and haggle them down or ask for a discount if you feel the price is too high. It definitely helps if you know what comparable prices are for the same thing at different stores or stalls and make sure you get the best price.

Some great markets and shopping experiences can be found in Jerusalem’s Old City. The various alleyways of the Old City Market will have you meandering through it for hours as you find one fascinating item after another. This colorful market will truly give you a taste and feel of Israel. Jerusalem hotels in the old town are a great choice if you wish to fully explore the area and market, especially if shopping is what you want to do and you don’t want to walk too far with your amazing acquisitions.

One of the most popular markets in Jerusalem is the Machane Yehuda Market. It is the largest market in Jerusalem with over 250 vendors. Visitors will find some of the best seasonal fruits and vegetables, almost any spice you can imagine as well as cheese, halva, honey and various other edible treats. Visiting this market is a must. If you want a perfect mix of shopping and history/religion opt for hotels in Jerusalem near the Old City. There are various to choose from and those to the north east of the Old City will put you in the perfect location to be in the middle of the different market options as well as places of historical and religious importance.

The Mamilla Market/Mall is another great option but it is a bit modern with upscale shopping and is rather described as an open air mall rather than a traditional market. When you visit any of the markets be sure to brush up on your bargaining and haggling skills and book the hotels in Jerusalem close enough that a market-trip will be easy – especially when taking back the amazing items you bought.

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