Jewelry essentials that enhance the beauty of a Maharashtrian bride

Dressed in a mesmerizing saree with a beautiful border on it, hair tied in a bun and decorated with a gajra and ornaments, she is a gorgeous Maharashtrian bride. Unlike other communities in India where brides usually wear red or pink, this traditional Paithani saree comes in colors of leaf green, golden yellow or aubergine.

Other than the sunshine yellow color of the saree, what sets the Maharashtrian bride apart are the traditional Maharashtrian jewellery that she dons. Most of the brides prefer to wear pearl jewelry along with the gold, which has most of its references in Marathi poetry and literature as well. Here are some of the typical Maharashtrian jewelry online of a traditional bride.

1-Kolhapuri Saaj

As it can be seen by the name, this piece is basically for Kolhapur city in Maharashtra. In most of the Maharashtrian communities, Kolhapuri saaj is as important as mangalsutra and most of the women in rural areas of Maharashtra still wear it every day.


It is a unisex piece of ornament which can be worn both by the bride as well as groom. Mainly, it is a string of pearls which is tied horizontally on the forehead from the temple. This Marathi jewelry is tied after the bride is ready to walk to the mandap. This means that she is ready to get married to the groom.


Same like Mundavalya, the Marathi Nath makes a bride different from others. The traditional nosepiece has pearls in it which are woven in a typical shape of Paisley and consists of the white stone in the center. The wealthy families are known to have a diamond instead of the white stone.

Maharashtrian nath comes in various styles, depends upon the part of Maharashtra from where the bride belongs. The most popular one is the Brahmani Nath design which is studded with emeralds and Basra moti.


Armlet or vanki is an essential ornament for the Maharashtrian bride. Ideally worn on each arm, most of the brides these days wear only one. The design of the jewelry comes in flat, solid gold with some precious stones in the center.


Toe rings or Jodvi comes in silver and is gifted by the mother in law that signifies the entry of a bride in the new house. These are must for every Maharashtrian bride.


Be it a nose Nath or any other jewelry, these ornaments make the best pieces for Maharashtrian bride.

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