John Ludwig: A Source of Inspiration Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Know

Since childhood, we were always told to aim high to turn the journey of our life into something more meaningful. But until we face a situation like this, we don’t realize that transforming the dreams into reality takes lots of courage, perseverance and hard work than we had thought. Finding a ray of hope amidst the hardships is not easy, but to know that someone else had faced this and he got through it, surely helps a lot. Getting inspiration from someone who fought his battle like a warrior reinvents our life for the better. If you are putting your first step into the business and want to revolutionize the world with your new ideas and vision, John Ludwig is the one person whose journey you can look up to. A relentless spirit with a positive attitude, he has polished himself during the testing and trying times which later made him a successful entrepreneur. He truly believes that determination, passion and faith can nurture a person into a complete individual.

A small child with big dreams- this line perfectly sums up John Ludwig’s childhood. He not only excelled in academics but he was a terrific football player too during his school days. These qualities truly reflect how much he was serious and competitive altogether. John Ludwig completed his Bachelor of Science in the year 1994 from Furman University. Though he had a degree of Bachelor of Science, his instinctive talents were different. He believed that he had good managerial skills and hence, he decided to shape his career in the arena of business. But the path he took was not easy at all. He faced a lot of challenges and tribulations but his hope and passion for entrepreneurship always kept him motivated.

John Ludwig joined BSA Sales in 1995 where he worked with a group of professionals. After acquiring huge experience in BSA Sales, he founded his company namely SDI Networks in the year 2001 which has grown by leaps and bounds. After earning huge accolades and appreciation for his company, he started his other venture, EverConvert which soon turned out to be an eminent digital marketing company. Thus, he conquered the throne of business and emerged as one of the finest businessmen across the globe.

The success story of John Ludwig will surely help you know the essence of struggle and how it can take you to the pinnacle! One day, you feel proud of yourself for never giving up just like he felt about himself!

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