Join a clan and experience amazing content like epic boss fights

Lineage2M provides a variety of classes that can be changed in Lineage 2M Diamonds accordance with the six types of weapons in game and the character’s race. You also have the option of switching to a class with a totally different style of play while playing the game. So all those hours you invested in developing a character of high-end quality won’t be wasted giving you the chance to play using everything the class system can offer.

Lineage2M’s main gameplay loops cycle back and to and fro between PvE (player vs environment) action and PvP (player vs the player) action. Incentivizing players to fight one another in boss hunts that take place throughout the open world.

But it’s not all about the player! A solo player has no chance of taking on a boss on them, but cooperating with other characters in the fight against the same foe can yield an abundance of stats-boosting books and, of course, long-lasting friendships with new acquaintances.

In the spirit of friendship, take advantage of Lineage2M’s Clan system. Join a clan and experience amazing content like epic boss fights. Increase the prestige of your clan’s status by contributing quest donations and encourage members to increase the size of the Clan Hall along with your Clan Shop — allowing for prestige and bonds.

PC PURPLE offers a superb PC play experience, with high resolution and customized hotkeys. It is a cross-play-friendly title. Lineage2M provides 4K resolution using its own PURPLE service and its graphics are on the level of a PC game. “Seamless loading” for new environments with buy Lineage 2M Diamonds minimal delays and lag when playing even the largest scale battles is what PURPLE claims to deliver.

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