Join in the Profitable Marketplace by Developing an Nextdoor Clone App

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Hey! As we all know that the purpose of social media is to make people connected with each other. While connecting people is the main aim there are different types of social media to do that. Mostly social media is for entertainment purposes and some for business purposes. Won’t you be amazed if there is a social media platform that connects communities and offers services? Yes, it is possible to avail of many services through social media.

At Appdupe, we have a specially designed app for this purpose and is called the Nextdoor clone app. Let us see the types of services one can get from this social media app.

Users can know their neighbours and converse with each other.
Users can find rental properties in and around their areas.
Organize events by collaborating with neighbouring communities.
Purchase or sell products to users in that location.
Users can recruit employees for household chores or professional works.

For an app, features are the backbone. More the number of useful features, more the number of users will come to your app. Therefore, let us look into the set of useful features located in the app.

Verification – Users who enter the app will be verified by the admin to ensure the authenticity of their details.

Create and join events – Users can create events or join any events with the app and invite friends to join.

Create ads – Businesses or vendors can post ads regarding the products they sell or services they offer. Sellers can post images and description of the product/service.

Analytics – Business people can use the analytics to track the number of users who are interested in their business and their in-app behaviors.


Launching an app like Nextdoor clone will help business professionals, residents and other volunteers to connect with people and outsource work.

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