Jonty Rhodes reveals five players as all-time best fielders

Jonty Rhodes the South African National Cricket Team veteran is one of the best fielders produced in the history of the Cricket. The veteran player made his debut in the 1992 ICC Cricket World Cup and attracted the eyes of the audience in the fifth game against Pakistan when he run-out Inzamam-ul-Haq. Rhodes instead of throwing the ball to the stumps from the position, he himself sprinted and dived into the stumped to run out the batsman. These things were not that much common in those times.

According to him, these five players are all-time best fielders in the cricket ground.

  1. Suresh Raina
  2. AB de Villiers
  3. Paul Collingwood
  4. Herschelle Gibbs
  5. Andrew Symonds

The Rhodes named the Indian National Cricket Team cricketer Suresh Raina as one of the best fielders of all-time as he had those great fielding abilities to save runs for the team, Rhodes said in India it is difficult to do fielding in less grass grounds and he is tremendous in every part of the field when his team comes to bowl.

Recently a piece of shocking news came into limelight in which a youtube channel claimed that the Suresh Raina had died in a car accident. After the news went viral and when the cricketer came to know about it he took the twitter to tell about this fake news and told his fans not to believe this fake news as I am alive and fit.

There are many times we have seen many news related to sports are fake we must follow those genuine news channels or websites those who provide news with the correct information.

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