Jump.trade Cricket NFT marketplace- Getting to know before its too late


There are many NFT marketplaces that have been emerging out of nowhere recently. But only some are hitting the stage with massive success. Gaming NFT marketplaces though doing well on their own, some marketplaces like Jump.trade are attracting a whole new community to the world of blockchain and NFTs. The platform is grabbing the attention of the world NFT enthusiasts and cricket lovers. 


The Meta Cricket League

Jump.trade is an NFT marketplace that sold out 55,000 Cricket NFTs in just 9 minutes. These NFTs are not just NFTs of art. They are in-game NFT cricket players of the world’s first cricket NFT game– The meta cricket league. The holders of these NFTs will go in history as they will get to chance to play the cricket game in all new sets in the future. Yes, the metaverse. The game has a well-laid roadmap which is being executed well, as mentioned. The Meta Cricket League launched its Beta test run recently, and it was a closed community test run. It took over the community by storm, and people got eager for the game launch.


What to expect

NFT games are already getting the attention of the global gaming community. With Cricket coming as an NFT game, Meta Cricket League is getting the attention of gamers and cricket fans as well. The game is designed such that every time you hit the ball in the game, you will earn points and get to earn money out of it. Among games that give you rewards only when you win, this game rewards players for just playing. The expected massive hit is getting ready to reach out very soon.


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